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Hello 2nd Trimester

Howdy, sorry for the absence. I guess I just haven’t had much to say lately.

The twins still appear to be doing well. Today, I start week 13, and am starting my second trimester. We had an appointment last week with a perinatal specialist (Dr. David Berry for you Austin readers). He was recommended to me by my OB (Dr. Marco Uribe for you Austin readers) for all twin pregnancies…especially a diabetic twin pregnancy. We saw the  babies again on ultrasound. They had gotten bigger, and we heard the heartbeats for the first time. That was awesome…whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. We also saw them move around, open/close their mouths, etc.

I hired a maid who is starting on Monday. I just physically can’t do it anymore…plus, I hate cleaning. ) The silly part is that I need to clean this weekend to get ready for the maid’s visit. I know that makes no sense!

A few weekends ago, I went to Houston to visit my mom. We had a good time shopping for maternity and baby clothes. It was a bit sad to think that will be our last mother/daughter weekend for a very long time.

Mom will be in town for part of next week and the weekend. She will be in town for business, and then staying longer to attend my two doctor appointments with me on Friday and Monday. Mark will be out-of-town at a conference, and she wants to see the twins for herself on ultrasound. She is amazed at the technology.


Venting More Fears

With parenthood looming just five short months away, I am beginning to realize just how much my life is going to change. I know that’s a rather obvious statement, but it’s sinking in. I mean REALLY sinking in now.

Mark and I are a bit set in our ways. We like to sleep-in on the weekends, we have our shows that we watch religiously, and the longer we are married the more boring we have become. I am used to just hopping in the car and going up to the store or for a drive to relax or any number of last minute things.

I know what my real concern is…I have no idea how to care for a baby (let alone two babies!). I was one of those kids that preferred listening in on adult conversations instead of playing with other kids. I am an only child. I did not babysit other children. I always feel slightly uncomfortable about young children. How do you talk to them? How do you play with them?

Everyone keeps telling me it will be different with my own children, and I will grow as a parent as the babies grow. I certainly hope that’s true or else I am screwed.

Mark has no fear. He is completely comfortable, excited, and confident about this new journey. This baffles me since his experience level with children is about on par with my own. I can’t tell if he is naive or just optimistic.

I wish I could get another ultrasound at my next doc appointment. I need to make sure they are both still there and growing at the correct rate. I really thought I would be bigger at this stage. I need more confirmation.

Feeling Knocked Up

I don’t have much to report. I’m getting bigger. I’ve gained about 8-9 lbs. My world seems to be consumed with doc appointments. My glucose numbers are getting higher, and I am increasing my insulin to try to bring it back under control. [Yes, I am on insulin now. All diabetic pregnant women have to be. It’s not too bad.] The “team” (i.e., my specialists) seem to be slightly concerned about my blood pressure. It was 130/82 yesterday, and I am usually a 120/80 gal. I am eagerly trying to get through the next two weeks, and then I graduate into my second trimester! Time seems to be going by faster than I thought it would. Of course, I will probably say the opposite of that once I really start to get massive and uncomfortable.

I am thinking about letting my Realtor’s license become inactive. Realistically, I know I won’t be working during this high-risk pregnancy and won’t have the time or desire once the twins arrive. It’s tough to let it go even though I know I can always reactivate my license. I never thought I would end up being a full-time mom, but then again, I never thought I would be having two babies at once!

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