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South Padre Island Trip (17 Weeks)


We had a great time on our mini anniversary trip to South Padre Island. The island was essentially empty, but I liked it like that. I needed a few days to just relax and clear my head. We ate pretty good food, found some beautiful shells on a seclude beach (see photos), and did a lot of just looking at the ocean. That was the big draw back…I was SO restricted! I am now 17 weeks pregnant with the twins and my list of things I cannot do is extensive. So, I couldn’t get into the ocean due to the waves possibly hitting me in the belly, the pool was too cold, the hot tub was too hot, wave runners were a big no-no, etc. I felt like an old lady! Check out how massive I have gotten now! I am a week shy of being halfway through my pregnancy.


Vacation Countdown

We had a nice low-key weekend. It rained most of the time and it’s still raining. It’s actually nice to see the sky open up and give us some much needed water.

The South Padre Island trip countdown has begun. We will be leaving a week from today. I am not looking forward to the 6+ hour drive down there, but eagerly looking forward to spending some time looking at the ocean. Hopefully the weather will be beautiful.

The pregnancy has been going a long great…with the exception of some nasty heartburn. It has been happening more and more often.

Week 14

Let’s see…what do I have to report? Well, today is the first day that I haven’t had a doctor’s appointment. For the past four days straight, I have had four appointments. It’s embarrassing to admit this, but I feel exhausted on doc days. I usually have to get up early, park in a massive parking garage, walk several blocks, and it just wipes me out.

I saw my OB again on Monday. I am doing great…blood pressure, weight gain, etc. He seems happy with my progress so far. He did an extensive ultrasound in an attempt to comfirm the genders. The twins are stacked on top of each other, so it’s difficult to see the top baby. He can easily see the bottom baby with a vaginal ultrasound. He got a clear shot of the bottom baby. That twin was floating on it’s back with legs up in the air. He rather confidently said it was a girl since he saw no external plumbing. We couldn’t see the top baby very well. I truly hope it’s a boy. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of each. I know Mark is worried about it too. I think it would be his biggest nightmare to have twin daughters. I worry about how disappointed he would be if we did not also get a son.

I have my next appointment on November 2nd, and I hope we will know for sure then.

I finalized our reservations and we are headed to South Padre Island for our 3rd wedding anniversary in two weeks. Since I can’t fly anymore, our options were limited. I am excited about it because I love going to the beach, but it’s a helluva long drive. It will be the last time for a LONG time that we will be able to get away alone. It’s one more reminder of how massively our lives are about to change.

Twin “A”s Head @ 14 Weeks


I had another ultrasound today. Everything looks great with the twins. They are measuring about 4 inches from head to butt (not counting leg length). Here is a photo of one of the twin’s head. You can clearly see the eye sockets and the two hemispheres of the brain…oh, and the big round belly. 

Update: We didn’t know the gender at the time, but this is Kate’s ultrasound.

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