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In the Hospital!

My new home is in the Labor and Delivery of Seton Medical Center in Austin, Texas. My OB admitted me early this morning due to my high blood pressure…that literally just cropped up within a 24-hour period. They gave me a shot (the first of two) to speed up the babies’ lung maturity. Needless to say, I am NOT happy to be here! I am restless, bored, and being told I could be here for another 6 weeks!

It’s a miracle I could get my laptop to find a wireless connection, so I don’t know how much I will be blogging. I am so afraid my twins will be born this early. My bed is really uncomfortable…I feel a metal bar cutting into my hips.

I am just not a happy camper right now. I hope I stablize and can go home soon, but they told me not to count on it. I can’t believe how quickly it came on! Literally in less than 12 hours. Pregnant women, beware. This is very serious stuff.

I will post photos if I can.


Baby Doc & Breastfeeding

At 8 AM, Mark and I had our consulation with the pediatrician that came highly recommended by all of the women at Mark’s office. The visit went fine with the exception of one little issue.

He completely dismissed my feelings on breast feeding.

First let me say, that I am generally an advocate of breast feeding. I was breast fed. Everyone in my family has breast fed. I am fully aware of all of it’s benefits. However, I have some medical issues that make it much less appealing for me to breast feed. “Appealing” isn’t the right word.

The number one reason I plan on formula feeding after we come home from the hospital is my severe diabetes. My plan is to give the twins colostrum (spelling?) in the hospital because it will be so beneficial to the babies, but after that they need to go to formula. I have spoken to three specialists on this issue, and they all say the same thing…as soon as I deliver the twins, I need to let my body start to heal immediately. This twin pregnancy has taken a physical toll on my body thanks to the damn diabetes. Breast feeding, in many ways, is just as taxing on the maternal body as the pregnancy itself. As I sit here typing this, I am awaiting a phone call to hear if yesterday’s lab work indicated kidney damage. I need to protect my own health…not just for me but for my twins as well. They need a healthy mom.

Anyway, the pediatrician immediately vetoed that. He pretty much “insists” that I breast feed for at least the first six months. Then he went on to give me a lecture on the benefits of breast feeding. I’m sorry, but that really pisses me off.

I made the decision to formula feed based on a lot of research and under the consultation of many other doctors who specialize in diabetic pregnancies. For months I felt very guilty about that decision. Of course I want to give my babies the very best and do what’s best for them, but not at the risk of my own long-term health. I absolutely hate it when people ask me if I plan on breast feeding. I’ve come to consider it a personal question, and I usually find myself explaining my medical history as a way to “justify” my decision. And usually it’s complete strangers or people I barely know who apparently find it most appropriate to ask me!

So I don’t know what to do about this pediatrician. I liked his office. I liked the nurses and ladies we met at his office. I like his general philosophy and office procedures. But his dismissal and the patronizing way he spoke to me about the feeding issue is stuck in my head. Mark liked him, and told me just to ignore him and do what we plan on doing anyway. Perhaps I should, but I hope it’s not an indication of what I can expect from him in the future. The absolute last thing I need or want in my life is a combative relationship with my babies’ doctor.

Blood Pressure

My blood pressure has been spiking on and off (mostly on) for the past 24-hours, and I spent most of last night talking to the on-call doc at my OB’s. We are going in again and it looks like I might be in the hospital for awhile. My worst fears are happening and I’m scared. I will try to post updates from Mark’s laptop if they do put me in the hospital.

Please keep good thoughts for me and the twins.

Hello Bed Rest

I ended up going in to see my OB late this morning with Mark. After waiting over an hour, I finally saw him. My blood pressure was good (124/83). They did a quick ultrasound and the twins looked good (still transverse, and still laying with their heads next to each other). So they did some blood work. He wants to make sure my kidneys and pancreas are working as they should. The kidney issue is always a source of concern in a diabetic pregnancy (and especially a twin pregnancy). [Do you remember what happened to Julia Roberts’ character in “Steel Magnolias?”] We should have those results back tomorrow. He also suspects I have a mild viral stomach bug which would explain the upset tummy feeling.

Bottomline: He is putting me on full-time bed rest until we know what’s going on.

SOOOO Swollen!

I don’t feel too hot. My hands, feet, and ankles are swollen to the point of concern. Laying down helps, but the moment I get up — even for a short amount of time like going to the bathroom — it comes back fast. Then I woke up this morning feeling sick to my stomach. I ended up dry heaving…which was extremely painful. I have felt the babies move all weekend, so a part of me is saying not to be concerned. The other part is telling me call my OB anyway because I just don’t feel right.

I hope this isn’t pre-eclampsia.

I have made it 30 weeks without having the swelling issue. Now it’s arrived in a big way. I can barely even make a fist with my hand. My feet look like clubbed feet. Mark is completely grossed out by all of it. Oh, and the other strange part is how my thighs, calves and feet look slightly pinkish. Almost as if they are sunburned — which, of course, they aren’t. I will probably call the doc anyway just so they can tell me this is normal and ease my mind.

Otherwise, my weekend was low-key. We stayed at home and relaxed.

OB Appointment: 29 Weeks, 6 Days

This is going to be short and sweet because I am so exhausted that I can barely see straight.

The twins are doing great…heartbeats, amnio fluid, movement, etc. They are stuck in the transverse position (and have been for the past two months now), so I am guessing a C-section is in my future. My blood pressure was good (118/72). I was shocked at my weight gain! I have gained 6 lbs in 2 weeks for a grand total of 42 lbs. Good Grief! I couldn’t believe it, and I am trying desperately not to be vain and get depressed about it. I could tell my doc was trying to mentally prepare me for the reality that I may not make my big goal of 36 weeks. The babies are out of room and will be calling the shots. This was very upsetting to me because I witnessed what my cousin went through with her twins that were born at 32-33 weeks…3 weeks in the NICU I believe and other problems. I tend to be very goal oriented, and I am afraid I will feel like a huge failure if I can’t hold them to 36 weeks.

He didn’t actually say the words “bed rest,” but essentially he did. So I will be spending more and more time horizontal. He wants to see me every week from now on.

I see my peri doc next week for the good ultrasound. They will measure the babies then.

How Will This End?

Over the past few days I have been thinking/wondering a lot about how this pregnancy is going to end. It seems like the possibilities are endless, and I am realistic enough to know it probably won’t play-out like it does in the movies.

Here are some of the scenarios I have thought about…feel free to add to this list..

  • The perfect scenario would be that my water breaks at home during week 37. I am full-term. My husband is not on a business trip somewhere. We have plenty of time to call my mom, my mother-in-law and other local family and friends so they can come to the hospital if they want to. My bag is packed and ready to go. Mark has already installed the two car seats (instead of trying to figure it out in the hospital parking lot 5 minutes before we are discharged from the hospital). The weather is beautiful (i.e., no ice, no hail storm, no tornado warnings, etc.) Both babies are well over 5 lbs each. Like I said, this would be the perfect situation.
  • The pre-term contractions start back up again. I go into to see my OB and he admits me into the hospital because I’ve already started dilating. I end up spending weeks in the hospital in an attempt to get me as close to 36 weeks as possible.
  • My OB decides to induce me because something is wrong with the babies (i.e., vastly different weights, one baby in distress, etc.)
  • I have some kind of accident — like falling — and it becomes an emergency situation.
  • My OB decides to induce me because I am pushing 40 weeks and he is worried about the age and condition of my placentas.

What am I forgetting? I know there have to be other ways this could end.

Then there’s the big issue of how they will be born…C-section or vaginal. I am curious to know what other OB’s out there are telling their twin pregnancy patients. My doc has made it clear that he strongly advocates a vaginal birth. I am not completely sure how I feel about that. I guess I have a fear about whether or not I can. The one thing I absolutely do not want to do is push out Baby A (girl) and then have to do a C-section with Baby B (boy) because he isn’t head-down. I sure as hell don’t want to do both types of birth!

With week 30 just a few days away, I am beginning to faintly see the finish line. I hope the next 6-7 weeks go by quickly. I am so eager to see my twins.

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