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Our 1st Sick Trip to the Doc’s

After three days of thinking I could simply will the twins to get better, we finally went in to see the pediatrician late this afternoon. Okay, the truth is that I did not want to have to fess-up to that fact that the twins have a day care cold. Overall, I like my pedi doc, but he is pretty hardcore on a few topics — day care, breastfeeding, and when to start on rice are his main topics of passion. I have managed to piss him off on all three topics now. He “suggested” I wait until August or September to even consider putting the twins in day care. Of course, he failed to ask me if that was even feasible. I guess he just assumes I don’t need to work. Wrong.

Anyway, back the to appointment…I took them in because their congestion was not improving. I was using the saline nasal spray and Tylenol Baby Cold Plus medicine. Since they sound literally like little pigs while eating (stuffy noses) and I was suctioning out some serious boogies, I felt like I wanted to get this under control before it migrated to their chests or ears.

They had no fevers. He said they had sore throats since the backs of their throats were a bright red. And my poor little Kate had to undergo what he called baby torture…she had some wax removed from her left ear. I have never heard her cry like that. She made sounds I have never heard before, and it took me a full 5-minutes to calm her down. So he suggested I put them on Baby Mucinex twice a day and plain Infant Tylenol for the pain in their throats. He also advised me to give them some water or PediLite between feedings to help thin out/water down their congestion. He said he would call us on Saturday to see how it’s going. Antibotics were a last resort given their age.

I, myself, have also started on Mucinex. Mark’s cold has gotten better, but I still feel like death warmed over. I can feel it heading to my chest — which has always been my weak area — so hopefully the Mucinex will help me hack this junk out of me.

My saint of a mother is driving over from Houston tomorrow afternoon to help us watch the twins this weekend … i.e., let us sleep and kick our colds. Even though she is risking catching our cold herself, she is still coming. I love my mama!

We started Carson on a tiny bit of rice late at night this week. I am still not completely sure if he is old enough yet, but it is definitely helping in the sleep department. We started him on the rice out of our own pure desperation…we are sick, we need rest! I am giving him 1/2 tablespoon (or a little less) of rice mixed in with his 5 ounces of formula at 11 PM. That helps him sleep 5 1/2 to 6 hours.

Miss Kate is still an every-3-hours girl with absolutely no signs of going longer. (

Oh, and Kate weighed 8 lbs, 12 oz, and Carson was 12 lbs at today’s doc appointment. Kate still feels light as a feather…regardless of what the scale says. Carson feels like a massive bowling ball…regardless of what the scale says.



The entire household has a cold. Thanks day care. Let me tell ya, it’s NOT fun dealing with two sick twins and a sick husband when you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus. The house is still largely unpacked and a total mess, and frankly I don’t care anymore.

Home Sweet Home


We are finally all moved into the new house. As I look around at the massive sea of boxes, I can’t say we are settled in though. The move itself went pretty smoothly. My mom took the twins over to Gil & Cindy’s house on move day. I thought the movers did a pretty good job until they left and I realized that they just dumped boxes anywhere. I had carefully marked all the boxes as to what room they would go to, and I told the mover that. We found “Kitchen – Pantry” box in my office, “Nursery – Baby Linens” in the kitchen, etc. Grr. Oh well. I’m glad it’s over.

The kids will be at day care most of this week, so I can focus on getting us out of the sea of boxes. They are having a rough adjustment right now, and I feel bad for them. First of all, they are at day care now and that’s a new experience for them. Now they are in a new house, yet another new experience. And finally, they are in their cribs and out of the Pack-n-Play. When they get home from day care, they both just cling to me. It makes me feel like the worst mama in the world. Of course, the other side of that coin is that because they are so clingy on me right now I can’t get any unpacking done and so they have to go to day care. Poor babies. (

Carson is eating like a pig now too. He went from 4 oz up to 6 oz overnight. He is 3 1/2 months old and actually wearing 3 month old clothes. I can’t believe how big he is getting. No one would ever guess he is a preemie. He has a follow-up appointment tomorrow morning with the cardiologist. (Remember, he had a heart valve issue at birth that was corrected with drugs.) I hope all goes well with that. Oh, and everyday his eyes are turning a lighter shade of blue. They may end up lighter than mine (which is odd since Mark has brown eyes).

Miss Kate is loving day care. More so that Carson I think. It seems pretty obvious to me that she is a social butterfly. They tell me that her favorite thing to do at day care is sit in her bouncy seat and watch the older kids (toddlers) run around, scream, play, etc. She gets excited by it, and I am sure she is chomping at the bit to join the fun. She has mastered the tongue game…I stick out my tongue and then she does. She has taken it to the next level though. She can imitate the speed of which I stick out my tongue. If I do it fast, she will too. If I do it slow, she does it slow. If I wiggle my tongue, she will try to. Such a smart girl! I am a little concerned at her size. It seems like Carson is just passing her by now.

1st Day at Day Care & the Dread of Moving

We are closing on our house today (finally!), and then the work begins. The big move is on Friday, but we are spending the next two days painting the dining room. Man I hate moving! This will be our last move for a long while.

  • The kiddos did okay at their first day of day care on Monday. They were there from 10 AM to 2:30 PM. Honestly, I hated it the entire time. I had Mark’s assistant check on them frequently and email me updates. (”Carson was crying, but now he is fine….They are both sleeping…Kate ate 3 ounces, etc.”) I am sure she finds this very annoying. I don’t know what I think of all of this. The point of day care was so I could relax and get some stuff done. Instead, I worried and thought about them the whole time. They will be going back on Thursday so we can work on the new house.
  • Mom’s coming back to town on Thursday evening to watch the twins during the big move. 
  • The twins bought me (via my mother) a beautiful silver “mom” bracelet. Mark brought me white tulips (sentimental reasons behind that) and wrote me a sweet letter. The best Mother’s Day gift, however, was my mom watching the twins while Mark and I went out to dinner Saturday night. Of course, we talked about the twins the entire time. I hope that changes one day. I miss non-twin conversation. Afterwards, we cuddled in bed and watched SNL together. Laying in bed and watching TV without having one ear on the baby monitor is my new definition of heaven.
  • The twins are loving their Baby Einstein playmat thingie. They are all about reaching, grabbing and knocking things over right now. I swear Kate is on her way to rolling over! She gets so incredibly mad if something is slightly out of her reach that she does anything to get to it. I wonder where she gets that from?! Hmm… )

Happy Mother’s Day

Kate: 3-months old

Little Miss Priss is already 3 months old! She has come a long way in those 3 months.

Weight: About 8 lbs. She is still wearing Newborn sized diapers, and the clothes are still too big for her.

Feedings: Usually about 3 oz every 3 hours. We are still working on stretching the feedings out to 3 hours though.

Favorites: Bath time, laying on her mama’s chest, her new swing, being held, cuddling with Carson on the sofa.

Least Favorites: Pacifier, excessively long car trips, having to wait more than one minute for her bottle, being put down when she’s not ready

Issues: Tends to have a touch of reflux which requires  a bit of Mylanta or else she may throw up

Personality: In the past few weeks, I am seeing more changes in her. She is getting better at self-soothing, so there are less screaming fits. She is extremely sweet and happy when she’s getting exactly what she wants, when she wants it. She is not the diva she once was though.

Areas to Work On: Stretching out her feedings and increasing her ounces. So far, she has shown no interest in either.

New Things: She is just now liking her Boppy pillow. She is also discovering the great outdoors like her brother. She sounds different…different sounds, coos, even a slightly different cry.

Comparison: She is more visual than Carson. She can be distracted by music or other sounds. She is also starting to imitate me…like when I stick out my tongue out at her, she will stick her tongue out too. Overall, she is more clingy and emotional (if that’s possible in a baby) than her brother.

Randomness: I’ve never cut her fingernails before. She is doing much less chirping in her sleep now. She is no longer a noisy baby, and it happened overnight!

Kate @ 3 months

Carson: 3-months old

Carson @ 3 months old 

I can hardly believe that our precious baby boy is already 3 months old! Here is his monthly update…

Weight: About 10 1/2 lbs. He is wearing Size 1 diapers and 0-3 months in clothes.

Feedings: 4 oz every 3-4 hours. He is acting like he is ready to moveup to 4.5 or 5 oz soon.

Favorites: Bath time, his pacifier, bouncy seat, laying on his mama’s chest, having his chest rubbed

Least Favorites: Diaper changes, the swing

Issues: Tends to be gassy

Personality: Sweet, secure, passive. When he cries, you know there must be something really wrong.

Areas to Work On: I honestly can’t think of anything other than sleeping through the night.

New Things: Loves looking out the window. He has also discovered blocks…which he loves to grab at and knock down.

Comparison: He is more vocal than Kate. He is making new sounds all the time. He also likes to play with objects and she isn’t into that yet. Overall, he seems more independent and laid back compared to his twin sister.

Randomness: He has the fastest growing fingernails in history! I have to cut them every other day or so. When he starts to cry, it sounds like a little motorboat starting up. It’s beyond cute!

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