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Flop Fish Carson

This is how Carson is now getting around our living room!


It’s All About Feet Now

They are still obsessed with their own hands, but now they’ve also discovered their feet! Their ultimate goal is to get them in their mouths…like everything else.

Day Care Update

The twins seem to be adjusting well to their new day care. Of course, that’s just a guess though since they can’t verbally tell us.

I’ve gotten more comfortable with taking them to “Miss Jennifer’s,” but I’m not sure I will ever be completely comfortable with day care. With all that we’ve been through, I have some trust issues when it comes to other people watching our babies.

The only two things that have caught my eye since they’ve returned to day care is how utterly exhausted they are when they come home (they are falling asleep by 6 PM!), and how they are both constipated. I am wondering if they are getting enough nap time and enough formula. I’m sure I’m just paranoid.

I have enjoyed having them at day care two days a week. It has given me time to clean and organize the house, rest, shop, run errands, etc….all the things I can’t do with them at home with me.

My mom came into town last night. Even though she is here almost every other weekend, it still takes the twins a little bit to warm up to her. They obviously have some stranger anxiety, but they get over it quickly.

Uncle Mike and Papa are coming over tomorrow…or that’s the plan at least. Mike is going to help us install all of our new wood blinds in the house. I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to do it. I am sick of living in a fish bowl. I’m sure the neighbors will be grateful as well!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!

I Really Should Be Cleaning…

…instead of wasting time making photo mosaics.

Better Back & Trained Night Feeders

Well, I am feeling better. I am far from being back to normal, but at least I can stand, walk and sit for short periods of time now. I am grateful that it is at least improving because for the first few days my back was not feeling any better at all.

The muscle relaxing meds they gave me doesn’t do anything for me. The only thing that seems to work is laying on my stomach with a heating pad on my back.

Mark has been a real life saver. He has had to do EVERYTHING since Friday…most of the feedings, playing with them, changing them, getting them to bed, taking them to and from day care, etc. I hate this feeling of being an invalid.

Since I’ve had all this bed rest time I managed to read a few of my baby books. I’ve discovered that our twins are “Trained Night Feeders.” They go to bed at 8:30 PM, and them get up to eat at 12:30 AM and 4:00 AM. In Baby 411 they suggested just giving them water instead of formula at those middle of the night feedings. So we tried it last night. It worked with Kate…she took a few sips and went back to sleep. Carson, however, wasn’t going for it at all! He fussed and cried until we finally gave him formula.

My goal is to move them up to their nursery upstairs and get them out of our bedroom. However, for that to really work, I need them to go back to sleeping through the night. I feel like I am doing everything I can, but they just aren’t sleeping through.

Bad Back Bedrest

We had an uneventful weekend except for my little visit to the ER on Saturday morning. My back went out. Completely. Apparently I have either a severely strained muscle in my extreme lower back or a possible torn muscle there….either way, I am hurting. I can’t pick up the babies and can barely walk. We made arrangements and the kiddos will be going to day care Monday through Thursday (my mom is coming Thursday night) because I am now on bed rest. The doc said that if I don’t give this time to heal and recover I could be looking at something much worse. Mark has been wonderful. He completely took over and took care of the babies. I’ve never had back problems before so I was a bit surprised at just how painful it is.

Kate chewing on her teething necklace from her Granny.

Carson’s New Sounds

For the longest time, Carson was just grunting and hooting like an owl. Kate has been “talking” up a storm for months, and it seemed Carson couldn’t get in a word edgewise. Well, tonight we discovered he has learned to vocalize a bit more at day care…and at home.

Oh, and me saying, “Damnit, he spots it” is because we have to hide the camera from him or else he will freeze and become a deer in the headlights. For some reason when he sees the camera he gets stone faced so it’s a game to try to record him without him knowing it. 🙂

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