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In this corner, weighing in at 17 and 1/2 pounds, the undefeated champion, Carson “Chomps-A-Lot.” (And wearing some of his lunch!)


And in this corner, weighing in at a svelte 13 and 1/2 pounds, Kate “Floats-Like-A-Butterfly-Stings-Like-A-Bee.”


Like all of their matches, it starts off with Miss Kate doing some smack talk which gets the C-man razzed up…and she knows it! Check out that look of determination and building playfulness…

And in the blink of an eye, it’s all over with for Miss Kate. 1-2-3 and she’s pinned…

Carson is victorious again! He holds on to his undefeated title.

And what does the loser have to say?…


She is just happy to get some kisses from Schatzie…

I’m in a silly mood tonight (as you can probably tell). I think it must be from the paint fumes. Mark and the twins went to bed early tonight and I started working on Kate’s room.

No Sunday recipes to post this time. We were lazy slobs tonight and just ordered a pizza! 🙂 We had a nice weekend…well, except watching UT humiliate themselves! Sheesh!


Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

In the past few days there seems to have been a change in Carson. He has gotten more aggressive and mischievous. All of his rough playfulness has been squarely focused on Miss Kate. More specifically, her feet.

This week alone Carson has started to kick, hit, squeeze (with his arms, like in a death grip!), and bite. Yes, bite even though he doesn’t have teeth yet. Well I guess since he doesn’t have teeth, it would be better to describe it as gumming.

Anyway, the dynamic between Kate and Carson has always been the same. Carson wants to play with Kate, Kate ignores Carson.

This was literally their first photo taken together after birth (in the NICU). Kate is looking off in total indifference to the boy screaming in her ear, and Carson is screaming because Kate was yanking on his feeding tube. During that first encounter, Carson never really stopped looking at her, and he tried sucking on her fingers and shoulder. Kate wasn’t having any of it. My mom jokes that it’s because Kate still remembers how Carson starved her in the womb and kicked her so hard in the chest that she has a permanent toe imprint where her cleavage will be one day (that will make for an interesting story, eh?). 🙂

And it’s always been this way. Carson wants to cuddle and play with her. Sometimes she will humor him by sticking her hand in his mouth while they laugh, but most of the time she is planning her escape route.

Now Carson has stepped it up a notch. He is so focused on getting to her feet that it’s truly hilarious. If he is lucky enough to get to them, he will hit them, bite them, pull on them, etc. Kate kicks like crazy and screams. (Her feet are painfully ticklish like mine.)

Carson eyeing her feet while Kate is helplessly strapped in her bouncy seat.

I am not sure what to do about it. On the one hand, I want them to work it out on their own (if that’s even possible at 7 months old). Kate needs to learn to defend herself or play along. Carson isn’t hurting her (at least not yet), but he is using his greater size and strength to his advantage.

More often than not, I find myself pulling them apart. As soon as I do, Carson is immediately trying to roll back to her and she is desperately trying to roll further way from him.

I thought twins were suppose to be playmates for life. I hope this is just a phase that they grow out of…soon.

Carson biting/gumming Kate while she pretends he isn’t there.

More Favorites

I love this one because this is exactly how I see Kate. Her face, her expression, etc. Sometimes in photos Kate doesn’t look they way I see her…does that make sense?


I Love Autumn!


I forgot to post this the first time (it was very late), but Abby Glenn took these photos as part of our 7-months old photo session. I wish I could take credit for these! More to come. 🙂


  • Suddenly, Carson has started sucking his thumb now too. This just started a few days ago. Kate doesn’t so much suck on her thumb as she does chew on it. She is also chewing on her tongue a lot. It looks like she is chewing gum!
  • Mark is going to Dallas for the weekend for a business convention. So, I will have the kiddos for 2 full days and while they are dealing with the aftermath of their flu shots. Fun.
  • I am so ready for autumn to get here! It’s almost October and it’s still hot as hell. I am having day dreams about putting on a sweater and walking the twins around the neighborhood in their big, expensive stroller (that we’ve used once) while breathing in the crisp fall air.
  • Miss Jennifer (the nanny/day care lady) told me on Tuesday that she thinks Kate is getting an attitude. Haha. This child was born with an attitude! 🙂 Kate’s newest shenanigans (and all of her shenanigans are funny!) is to fuss as soon as I leave her sight (i.e., to go to the bathroom, get a Diet Coke from the kitchen, answer the phone, etc). As soon as I re-appear, she smiles and laughs. Apparently she is doing this to Miss Jennifer too.
  • Miss Jennifer also thinks that Kate will be the first to crawl and walk. I’m not sure what to think of that because Carson has been the roll-over champ since July and Kate just started doing it well two weekends ago. However, Carson is extremely top heavy. He is trying to get on all fours, but can’t hold his head up for very long in that position. Kate may be small, but man she is strong and as fast as lightning!
  • Kate may be taking after her dad in the solid food eating department. We have struggled to teach her for over two months, but their hasn’t been too much improvement. So we talked about it with the doc yesterday. He said some babies skip right over the baby food stage because of texture issues. He suggested we try feeding her table food that has been mashed up but not completely pureed. Mark’s mom told us that he acted the same way about baby food.
  • The twins’ new game is to lay on the floor facing each other and Kate puts her hand in Carson’s mouth and they both just laugh and laugh. They often crack each other (and themselves) up. I have got to get that on video. They are playing, interacting and talking to each other more and more. Too cute!
  • Carson is still saying “mom,” but I think it’s purely accidential. He doesn’t say it in proper context, but it’s still the coolest thing in the world to hear!

Doc Appointment: 7 1/2 Months Old

Kate….13 lbs, 5 oz (<3%), 24 3/4 inches tall (3%), 42.5 inches head circumference (25%)

Carson…17 lbs, 6 oz (50%), 27.5 inches tall (25%), 45.3 inches head circumference (74%)

Carson grew an inch and a half in the past 6 weeks, and gained about a pound and a half. Miss Kate only grew a quarter of an inch in the past 6 weeks, and gained almost a pound and a half in that time. The rapid growth they had in the first six months has slowed down, and that is completely normal. 

We had a good appointment with the twins’ doctor this afternoon. He is happy about their growth, increased food, and mobility. Both twins were healthy and in good spirits during the exam. They didn’t even cry during the flu shot!

Our next appointment is in early November when they are 9 months old.

An Afternoon of Self-Portraits

I can’t believe the twins are over 7 months old, and I’ve never done the mandatory self-portraits with them. I didn’t use my good camera (the Nikon D80) because it’s so bulky that I was afraid I would drop it on me and the baby. So, the quality isn’t so hot, but I thought I would share these anyway because they are kinda funny.



Do you see any of me in Miss Kate? I don’t. I think she is a clone of Mark, but a lot of folks say she looks like me too. Cast your vote.

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