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Brave Boy

Carson did great during his little eye surgery this morning. Everything was a success, and the yucky left eye issues are behind us now.

The whole procedure took about 15 minutes and we only heard him cry once from down that hall. I am guessing that is when they restrained him — he hates that.

The doc said that he had a pretty nice blockage (described as a “clogged toilet”), and was able to bust it out with his wire. Now Carson is on ointment for a week, and will have a follow up visit in a month. He has been extremely clingy on Mark and I today, and has been napping for about 3 hours now.

Well, I’m off to pick up Miss Kate. I wonder how she enjoyed her “only child” day at Miss Jennifer’s?


And They Called It Puppy Love…

The hour before Mark comes home from work seems to be the longest one of the day. I am eager to have an adult to talk to, and the twins are restless and ready for dinner. So, tonight I decided to entertain myself with the camera for that hour.

The photos came out crappy — thanks to the flash; I hate using the flash — but everything always looks better when it’s in black & white.

Carson pulling up to a standing position for the first time by himself!

Puppy love! The twins love it when I let Schatzie out to play with them. They giggle and laugh the whole time. They especially like it when Schatzie barks.

Puppy love for Carson too! This is a sweet moment because most of the time I have to remind him not to be so rough with Schatzie.

Naughty girl! Miss Kate taking a peek up Carson’s night shirt while he was standing next to me.

Tomorrow morning is Carson’s surgery, so please keep good thoughts for him. I’m sure this is a no-big-deal procedure, but it is when it’s my baby. I am just so afraid he will be terrified, and we can’t be there to comfort him.


  • Carson is still protesting all food except Ritz Crackers. After battling him at breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack, Mark took a swing at it for dinner. It took a little while, but Carson finally ate one jar of green beans and turkey. I really hope this is just a short phase and not the beginning of 18 years of battling a picky eater.
  • Kate is wild about Jell-O now. She seems to like playing with it on her tray, making it jiggle and then wolfing it down. Sometimes I find it so hard to believe that she only weighs 16 lbs given how much and how enthusiastically she eats.
  • There have been changes in the sleep department too. They are now wanting to go to bed at 7:30 instead of 8:30. Carson has slept through the night every night for a week, but he broke his streak last night. Apparently he had a minor coughing spell and that got him up. Kate is still getting up once a night — at 11:30 like a clockwork — but now she is refusing a bottle when she gets up. She just wants to be cuddled for a few minutes. That’s a huge improvement for her, and I think we are working our way to sleeping through the night.
  • Yesterday I was crazy busy. I dropped the babies off at Miss Jennifer’s at 8, went grocery shopping (by the way, early morning shopping is wonderful. No lines or idiots!), came home and shampooed the living room, guest room and game room carpets — that took most of the day — and then I hung up a lot of things I’ve been meaning for the past 8 months to hang on the walls, cleaned the kitchen, did 2 loads of laundry, and then made lasagna for dinner. I was exhausted! I am still tired, but it doesn’t look like a nap is going to happen for me today.
  • Emails have been coming from my estranged Maid of Honor after almost a year of silence from her. Not sure how I feel about all of that, but I did get the closure that I needed and was glad to hear she is doing well.
  • We went ahead and turned Carson’s car seat around to front facing. He is over 20 lbs now and, yes, we are technically breaking the law by 2 weeks since he needs to be a year old. He really seems to like the new views. He looks like such a big boy sitting facing the front. Miss Kate is still in an infant carrier and still facing backwards. It’s strange looking. It’s almost looks like I have one toddler and one infant back there.
  • The cold from hell has finally departed! I would say Mark and I are back to about 90%. We are feeling pretty good, but still have the occasional coughing fit.

Equal Time

While Carson was taking a morning nap, Miss Kate “told” me that she wanted equal snapshot time. She’s right! Carson has been getting a lot of photo coverage lately. So, here she is…on the prowl in the living room and looking for trouble.

Catch me if you can!

Planning her strategy to climb on me. She is all about climbing Mt. Mama right now.

What a flirt!

Is It Monday Yet?

The best thing I can say about this weekend is it is now Sunday night and therefore the weekend is over!

That’s not entirely true. I had a good visit with my mom. I’m glad I got some alone time with her when we went out to dinner last night, and I even had a big frozen fruity drink. (I was craving something cold and fruity…odd for me.)

The twins had a great day too. Both where happy and very active! Miss Kate is t-r-o-u-b-l-e! She is everywhere. If there is something she should not be into — i.e., electrical outlet, DVD player, vacuum cord, nail clippers from the end table, etc. — she is attracted to like a magnet. On Tuesday when they are at Miss Jennifer’s, I am going to cover the outlets and do some other child-proofing activities. It’s definitely time.

They also tried some new foods this weekend, thanks to my mom. She is always giving them new stuff, whereas we tend to be nervous Nellys.

  • Pancakes: Both loved it
  • Jello: Kate loved it; Carson hated it and gagged
  • Biscuit: Kate loved it; Carson was napping
  • Eggs: Well, I’m not sure it was an actual egg. It was from a breakfast sandwich at McDonald’s. I gave Kate a tiny taste. She liked it, but I am still nervous about letting them try eggs.

Carson is staging his own little food protest lately. He is refusing all solids except for Ritz Crackers! The boy just wants to live on them alone. He will toss his head from side to side and clinch his lips together when I try to give him baby food or any food for that matter. So I’ve banned him from Ritz Crackers until all of this passes. Carson is already showing some signs of being a picky eater. Miss Kate dives into anything we put on her tray. Ahh, twins. 🙂

Ear Infections, Barf, Teething, a Date with My Mom & Ill Hubby…Good Times!

I’m truly starting to think there might be some kind of illness curse on my house.

Mark is sick…really, really sick. He has been kicked out of our bedroom, and hidden away in the guest room. He is the kind of guy that doesn’t get sick often, but when he does it’s pretty severe and it lasts forever.

All of the plans and projects my mom and I were going to work on this weekend did not happen. I had to cancel my long-awaited hair appointment, and we didn’t go shopping.

However, there was a good reason. Miss Kate got sick. She woke up Saturday morning throwing up. It was all clear, nasal looking stuff, but then she continued to dry heave for 2 full hours. I can’t remember the last time I saw her look so miserable. She just put her head on my chest and refused to move. She also refused liquids, so we called the pedi. He happened to be open this morning, and we took her in. Kate made a miraculous recovery while we were waiting for the pedi to come in! She ate a cracker and drank 4 oz of PediLite…and held it all down! By the time the doc came in to to see her, she was doing her crazy yoga position on the exam table and laughing. Unfortunately, we didn’t get out of there without a new problem. Miss Kate has another double ear infection! The doc seemed surprised that we haven’t noticed any personality change in her. Perhaps she is building a tolerance to pain, but she has been happy and full of energy for weeks. No sign of another ear infection.

Anyway, her throwing up was sinus drainage that she has swallowed overnight and was throwing back up in the morning.

Once we get Carson’s eye surgery behind us next week, I am going to get Kate in to see an ENT doc. It’s time, and I’m pretty sure she will have tubes put in her ears this summer.

I did have date night though…with my mom! After the babies went to bed, mom and I went out for Mexican food while Mark watched TV in a NyQuil fog.

Wow, this post is all over the place. Sorry for the rambling. I am off to bed.

Oh, and Kate weighed 16 lbs, 4 oz with just a dry diaper on. So, she’s gained about 1/2 lb in 2 weeks. 🙂

Snapshot of the Day

Carson showing his Granny his newly acquired sitting abilities. Notice how red his left under eye is? That’s the eye he is having surgery on. As nervous as we are about the surgery, I will be happy when it’s fixed.

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