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Friday Photos

It certainly seems like it’s been a while since I’ve posted photos of the twins. They spent 3 days last week at Miss Jennifer’s (I was painting our bedroom), and they did 3 days again this week (no good reason). So I feel like I haven’t seen much of them lately (or at least spent the day alone with them), and I’ve missed them.

Hello Trouble! This is her mischief face. The girl looks like she’s up to no good…along with her beloved lovey Lucy (the pink bath duck).

Aww the twins (plus Lucy the duck) are all smiles for this photo for Mama…

Um Yeah…this was the scene just moments before. Slapfest!

Yes, they are 15 1/2 months old and they still love their bottles!

I had a good day with the kiddos. Since it was Friday, we treated ourselves to a Mickey D’s breakfast. Kate refused to even try anything, so Carson split a big breakfast with me. He had pancakes, sausage, eggs, hash browns and biscuit. He singlehandedly polished off the hash brown, sausage and biscuit on his own. At least he left me some pancakes. 🙂

Kate is still on a serious hunger strike. Essentially she only wants milk and sometimes some fruit and/or crackers. I’m starting to get worried about it. I find it so amazing when I read about other tots about the same age only taking 3 bottles a day. Mine easily take double that per day. All they want is milk. That can’t be normal. (Though I will say that Carson has been eating like a champ lately.)

The day went pretty smoothly — we watched some cartoons, we played with the dogs, we read books, we walked with Elmo, etc.

Can you believe it’s already too hot to take the twins outside!? Seriously. If I want to take them to the park, we have to head out by 8:30 AM and get back home before 11 or else it’s too hot. I love Texas, but come on. Grr.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Memorial Day Weekend

We had a nice, relaxing holiday weekend. My mom drove in from Houston on Friday afternoon, and she watched the kiddos while Mark and I finished painting the master bedroom. I also shampooed the carpet in the living room and master bedroom. It’s horrifying to see what babies (and their bottles) plus two dogs can do to carpet. God knows I love the Rug Doctor. I wish I owned one. Anyway, everything looks wonderful.

The new bedroom furniture arrived on Sunday afternoon. It is simply stunning. Seriously. It’s our first “grown-up” bedroom furniture. I have a beautiful bedroom set after college, but it is Queen sized and now up in our guest room. We bought a King sized bed a year after we married, and, well, once you go King you never go back.

Anyway, the bed is a dark mahogany four poster bed with a panel headboard (I’ve always wanted a poster bed). The dresser with mirror is so beautiful and stately. We got an amazing deal on it too. The furniture store we went to was phasing out this particular collection. So we were able to get the bed and dresser with mirror for a steal of a price. The downside is that I really would like the 5-drawer dresser for Mark (he is currently using a crappy white one that was once in the twins’ nursery). However, that store doesn’t have anything else in the collection. So now it’s a major hunt on the Internet to try to find this dresser for Mark. I am going to do something slightly different for our nightstands so everything doesn’t seem so matchy-matchy.

I will post photos soon.

The twins had a grand time showing off for their Granny. Carson walked with the Elmo car while my mom cheered him on. Kate, never one to enjoy sharing the spotlight, walked with the Elmo car for the first time on Saturday! She was so proud of herself, just like Carson was last weekend. (I’m sad to say that we didn’t get it on video.) On her first few attempts, she looked like a newborn deer — unsteady and wobbly. But it did not take her long to get moving. 🙂

My mom has an uncanny ability to teach Kate new things in a short amount of time (brushing her hair, waving, saying “thank you”). This weekend she taught Kate how to say “Mmmm!” after each bite of food, and putting on chapstick (though they’ve been doing that one for a while).

Kate’s verbal skills are taking off. Currently, she is all about “B” words — ball, bye-bye, baby. Everything that is stuffed or that looks like a duck is called baby by Kate. In a week’s time, she has magically gotten into stuffed animals and dolls.

I spent the afternoon with Carson. We went out shopping (didn’t buy anything), and I think he actually enjoyed it this time. Carson likes riding in the shopping carts, bopping up and down and flirting with the other shoppers. I loved having some time alone with him. Mark and Kate stayed home and watched a scary movie (nice, I know).

For my own records, here is the list of new foods tried this past week…

  • Cheerios…they seem so-so on it
  • Shaved Deli Ham…Kate LOVED it; Carson didn’t like it
  • Bologne…Carson LOVED it; Kate didn’t like it at first, but liked it on the 2nd attempt
  • Chili Dogs…Carson LOVED it; Kate wouldn’t even try it (and yes, I cut it up into very small pieces)
  • Talirini…Kate went wild for it (a huge surprise to all of us); Carson liked it too
  • Provolone cheese…Kate loved it; Carson wouldn’t even try it
  • Mango…Kate liked it (but had tummy issues later); Carson wouldn’t even try it
  • French Onion Dip on very thin & small tortilla chips…both LOVED it

I know that most of the food listed falls under the junky category, but hey it’s a holiday weekend! Plus I think we finally broke the hunger strike. On a more healthier note, Carson is absolutely wild about green beans. He eats them by the fistful.

My 500th Post!

This is my 500th blog post. Here are some fun facts about this little blog…

Top Posts of All-Time:

  1. November is Premature Awareness Month
  2. The Thing About Kate, Part 2 (high volume thanks to The Twinkies photo contest)
  3. 8 Weeks Pregnant & Terrified of Miscarriage
  4. Orifice Issues
  5. Holiday Letter 2007

Top Recipe (based on number of hits and views):

  1. Mahi-Mahi Fish with Asparagus & Rice

Top Searches (phrases people used in search engines that led them to my blog):

  1. babies born at 32 weeks
  2. orifice twins (makes you wonder, huh?)
  3. 8 weeks pregnant & miscarriage
  4. baseball bat bed
  5. twin pregnancy diabetes

Other Facts:

  • As of right now, the total number of people who have viewed the blog (repeat readers only counted once): 21,209.
  • Number of subscribers to the blog feed: 311
  • Search phrases I like least: “Mark, Shannon, Kate, Carson”…that is so stalkerish to me. It’s obviously someone who knows us, but doesn’t know our blog address. So I immediately think of all the people who I really don’t want reading our family blog.

My Favorite Posts (in no particular order):

Mini Updates

  • The twins have spent the past three days at Miss Jennifer’s so I can get everything ready for the bedroom furniture that is coming this Sunday. From all of her reports, they have been excellent.
  • Carson’s aggression and hitting has continued. I think he is frustrated. He has been making huge strides towards more independence (walking with Elmo car) and he has been so proud of himself lately that I think he just gets overwhelmed when he wants something and physically can’t get it. Of course, none of that is clinical, just some mommy observations.
  • I spent all of Tuesday painting our master bedroom (which is pretty large and has a sitting area). Then I decided that I absolutely hated the color I picked out. So, I spent all of Wednesday at a large home improvement store looking at more paint. I decided to go the “safe” route and picked something neutral. So then I spent all of Wednesday and Wednesday night (until 1:30 AM) painting on primer to cover the first paint color that I didn’t like. I have spent ALL of today painting on the new color, and it’s still only half done. My hands are throbbing, blisters are forming, and I am pretty sure I have permanently lost some brain cells from three days of breathing in fumes.
  • My mom is coming to spend this long holiday weekend with us, and will be arriving on Friday afternoon. I hope she can keep an eye on the twins while I do some much needed housework.
  • Summer has arrived in Austin, Texas. We’ve had three days of 100+ degree heat. Ugh. Springtime is getting shorter every year.


More of Carson Walking & Dancing

Carson Walking with Elmo Car

Excuse the mess…we have toddlers. 🙂

Last Week in a Single Photo

This is why I needed to get away for a day last week. This photo nicely sums up what my entire week was like — a week without Jennifer.

Kate tried to drink my can of Diet Coke while I made the tragic mistake of answering the phone (and therefore turning my back to her). The results were not good! This is why we can’t use end tables or coffee tables anymore. Everything within reach is fair game to the twins. 🙂

This is also a fine example of why we need new flooring once the twins get a little older!

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