Ahhh…So Worth the Wait!

I realize how completely weird it is to write a blog post on this topic, but I love what the carpet cleaners did! My house looks brand new again (and we’ve only lived here for 15 months, and the house is 3 years old!). And they used a special machine and cleaned all of the tile and grout in the downstairs.

I was stunned at this machine! I have tried everything under the sun…I have been on my hands-and-knees dealing with the aftermath of living with 2 dogs and 2 toddlers (who love to throw food). Nothing worked. The grout on our otherwise beautiful tile had turned black. It was disgusting looking. With his high-powered steam magic machine, it all came up. The tile is back to looking brand spankin’ new!

I’m sure there are several folks reading this silly post and rolling their eyes, but issues with the floor have been a big thing for me. I hate gross floors, and my floors were pretty damn gross.

Not any more though! 🙂

I totally forgot to get before and after photos, but maybe I can talk Mark into taking my photo on the new and improved kitchen floor while acting like Demi Moore rolling in cash in Indecent Proposal (but I won’t be naked, thankfully). Yes, I am that pleased with the stupid floors!

The other item I was waiting on — and just as exciting — was the dryer vent guy. He got up there and told us we had a massive bird’s nest and it had completely blocked off the exhaust. So, he cleaned everything up and I just finished my first load of laundry…and it only took ONE cycle through the dryer! Hot damn!

This has been a good day. A very good day.

Oh, and the twins had a good day too. (Not that they are an after thought in this post…okay, well, today they are.) Miss Jennifer said they were little angels all day. We we got home, Kate practiced her walking a lot. I can see her confidence building in the walking department.


1 Response to “Ahhh…So Worth the Wait!”

  1. 1 Dana July 29, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    I totally get your excitement. My floors give me high blood pressure with all these random spots showing up repeatedly on the carpet and grout that I can’t seem to clean. What company did you use? Oh, and good news on the dryer!

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