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Visiting Cousins

We got an extra special treat this morning when my Aunt Cindy and cousin Jil brought my cousin Cody’s kids over to see the twins before nap time. I don’t think we’ve seen them since Christmas, and it’s hard to believe how much older and bigger they are now.

Cousin Brylee (almost 3 years old) and Kate.

The girls had a fun time together.

Ahh, the joys of trying to get four kids to sit for a photo! That’s cousin Brayden on the right. He is Brylee’s big brother.


Brylee and Brayden are in town visit their grandparents (my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Gil) for the whole week, so we might get the kiddos together later in the week to go swimming.

Once again, Mr. Carson was freaked out with new people around. He clung on to me, and he ended up going down for his nap 20 minutes early. Is there anything I can do for him?



Our little family…hot, sweaty…at Jil & Patrick’s house. I can’t remember the last time I sweated that much, and I hate sweat! I had pretty jewelry (beaded necklace and bracelet) on when we got there, but then Mr. Carson got a hold of it! Destroyed! He is the jewelry killer.

  • Yes, we are still alive. I just needed a little break.
  • I found out Saturday morning that my insurance will not cover any portion of any kind of weight loss surgery. So, that led to crying most of Saturday. Then I went to my “diabetes doc” on Monday morning and insisted I be put back on insulin. My numbers have been so out-of-control — like scary high — and I just don’t feel good. I don’t mind taking insulin. The injections don’t hurt at all, and I like the control I have over it. So he started me on Lantis to take only at bedtime, and there has been no change in my morning numbers. So I will be calling again because I want to be aggressive in getting my glucose numbers back to normal.
  • The twins have discovered the piano. I inherited this antique (well, almost antique…it’s close to about 70 years old) piano from my paternal grandmother and I absolutely love it even though my piano playing only consists of chop sticks and “Amazing Grace.” The twins have figured out how to lift the wood part that covers the keys (wow…that’s really technical sounding, eh?). They stand on their tip toes and “play.” It’s really cute for about the first minute of listening to these two “play” the piano, but then after that it’s time for some aspirin.
  • We are getting ready for our trip up to Dallas tomorrow. I am excited to go, but feel overwhelmed with the packing and planning. I suck at packing anyway, and I just know I will forget something major.
  • We had a great time last Sunday when we took the kiddos out to my cousin Jil’s house. They built a beautiful home out in the country, and we are the only family members who haven’t been out to see it. It is stunningly beautiful! I am so jealous. 🙂 So we grilled some burgers and hung out with Jil, her husband Patrick, and my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Gil (Jil’s parents). We were celebrating the news that Jil (have some serious struggle) is expecting! She is due the week after the twins’ 2nd birthday. We are all so excited for her and Patrick, and I gave her all of my pregnancy and baby books. Here are some photos from our visit…I should mention that it was 103 degrees outside and full humidity!

My cousin Jil with the twins. Carson was VERY shy and only wanted Mark (as you can see from the photo).


 Jil and my Aunt Cindy painted Miss Kate’s toes for the first time. She loved it!

My Aunt Cindy and Miss Kate. Check out how pink Kate’s cheeks were in that heat! She is holding a wash cloth that I gave her to cool off with.

Dough & Doh!*

  • Our big garage sale was a bit of a dud (in my opinion, which is not shared by Mark) thanks to Mother Nature. We had intense thunderstorms the night before, and I think that kept folks away. We ended up making about a third of what we made at our last garage sale. What’s even more odd to me is how the hot baby items (that were marked obscenely low) did not sale — the car seats, and such. We did sale the swings and the bouncy seats, but a great baby bath tub that was marked at $1 was passed up.
  • As usual, it was nice having my mom here for the weekend. She bought Kate a “big girl” car seat, and so far Kate seems to like it. (Of course she’s only been in it once.) My mom also watched the kiddos last night so Mark and I could go eat some Mexican food. It was nice to get out of the house, but it’s almost like we don’t know how to go out anymore. Not sure if that makes any sense, but perhaps folks who have been as home-bound as we have for over a year can understand. At times it almost felt like an awkward first date. That’s a big sign that we need to go out more!
  • After years of trying to talk me into it, we finally got satellite and said goodbye to our absurdly over-priced cable. As luck would have it, on the very first night we had those bad storms and it got knocked out. Otherwise, it’s been great though. 🙂
  • The kids tried some new foods over the weekend: watermelon, cauliflower, blueberry muffin, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, onion, and bacon. They only liked the muffin and peppers.
  • While we were preparing for the garage sale, I’ve been parking my car in the driveway instead of the actual garage. Like a total moron, I completely forgot that I had left one of my windows down in the car. I remembered after about two hours of a flooding downpour! Doh! Mom and I made attempts on Saturday afternoon to shampoo the interior and vacuum out most of the water. I swear it still smells a little dank in there though. 😦
  • I usually like to write about the crazy folks I seem to run into — especially at the grocery store — but today I had a great experience. While I was waiting in line to check out, a couple (about my age) with a baby in a sling were in front of me. They had three baskets full of food, and when it was all said and done their total was over $450. The dad pulled out a huge plastic bag full of coupons, and had over $200 taken off! I was so inspired. He told me that they only shop once a month and money is tight since he is finishing up his post-grad work. Anyway, I am going to make an honest effort to start cutting some coupons. Our monthly grocery bill is crazy, and it seems like a good way to keep a little more in the bank.
  • Kate and Carson are doing great. They had so much fun with my mom. It’s amazing how they just immediately flock to her when she comes over. When they were younger, it took them a little while to warm up to anyone new.
  • I know it’s been a while since I’ve taken some photos of my munchkins, but I’ve been too lazy/busy/tired/hurting to get the house clean enough to consider putting up for the world to see (even if two cutie-pie twins are in the photo). I will do better this week. 🙂

* I am obviously running out title ideas.

On the Road Again

The twins and I are heading to San Antonio for a one-nighter at Granny & Papa’s house. My Uncle Mike is buying the house and is in the process of a lot of renovations. This will be my first time back to the house since Papa’s funeral in October.

I also plan on visiting my dad’s grave for the first time in 2 years. I am bring the twins with me to that too.

I’m sure Mark will enjoy having a full day (and night) to decompress from his trial in a toddler-free house. 🙂

Yesterday was a mess. The highlights include Schatzie running away (again), cable issues and then a moody cable guy, Kate pushing over the dogs’ big water jug in the kitchen (and then me mopping up the tidal wave), and a then more twin fighting than usual.

Thankfully, Schatzie was returned back to us from a neighbor down the street. A woman with two small boys appeared in our driveway with Schatzie when me and the babes returned from errands. I did not even know she had taken off. The sad part is one of the little boys started crying pretty hard when he realized that he wasn’t able to keep Schatzie. I guess the mom had told him that if the owner could not be found, they would keep her. Poor little boy. Later that day when Schatzie got into the trash (again) and made a huge mess, I thought about walking her down to that little boy and saying, “Here ya go.”

Happy Friday, ya’ll.

Random Bullets of Crappola; March Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘Random Bullets of Crappola’ (i.e., lazy blogging), so here we go…

  • Carson has some sort of nasty snot-filled cold with a lot of wet coughing. This morning his little nose was completely plugged with the biggest baby boogers in history. I had to pin him down to clean it out. 😦
  • In dining room curtains finally arrived, and now I am just waiting for Mark to take 10 minutes out of his evening to hang the rod. (Are you reading this Mark? Hint, Hint) I’ve been banned from the drill for quiet some time now, and I am chomping at the bit to see everything up.
  • My mom left yesterday evening after spending a nice few days with us. I love having her around, and not just for the extra set of hands with the twins. When she left I felt an unexpected sadness. I guess I didn’t realize what a life of solitude a stay-at-home truly lives until having someone to talk to and socialize with is gone.
  • I absolutely love the age and stage the twins are at right now. They surprise me with something new every day, and every day more of their individual personalities emerge just a little more.
  • Teething truly, honestly, 100% sucks. My tots are not handling it well.
  • My mom bought us one of those cool memory foam pads for our bed. It took a few nights to get used to, but now I can’t imagine life without it.
  • Kate is already back-talking in baby gibberish. I do this whole banter with her that I need to get on video. Miss Kate is all sass right now.
  • I don’t know if I am just hearing what I want to here, but I think Carson has been replying with “yeah” when I call his name out in the house.
  • Kate has been winning all of the fights with Carson lately, but I am pretty sure she is just taking advantage of his cold.
  • Carson has started throwing tantrum-like fits when a toy is taken from him or if I move him from where he wants to be. The fits aren’t as long or intense as Kate’s fits, but this is something completely new for him.

Greetings from Houston

Since Mark had such an insane week at work with lots of long hours and travel, I thought it would be good to take the twins to my mom’s house for the weekend and let Mark have some downtime.

Kate and Carson did fairly well on the drive from Austin, but I did have to pull over four times because Carson kept throwing his bottle on the floor and cried until I got it for him. We also stopped at a roadside antique store for a bathroom break (for me) and a chance to get out of the car seats (for the twins). I’ve always enjoyed stopping at those little stores. They can be found on any Texas interstate — usually in the middle of nowhere. Most of the stuff is entirely too country for my taste, but sometimes you can find a gem. No gem was found on Friday.

The kiddos have been super good at my mom’s house. Kate is just bursting with happiness. We just can’t get over how the ear tube surgery has completely changed her. Carson was up a lot late last night and was running a fever. He hasn’t acted sick at all, and we think it’s teething that is causing the fever. Mom says I always ran a fever when I was cutting teeth. I hope that’s it. I gave him a full dose of Motrin and it knocked out the fever.

We took them out to eat, shopping and other errands. I think my mom is so impressed with how good they are in public. They’ve always been good when we are out and about.

Tonight, we headed south to my Uncle Mark and Aunt Martha’s house. I have never seen their new place (it’s beautiful), and they cooked us dinner. Once again, the twins did great — even though Kate had not had a nap all day!

She woke up at 6:30 AM and finally went to sleep at 9:30 PM! The real kicker is that she wasn’t fussy at all. Happy, happy, happy. I can’t believe this little 13 month old firecracker can go that long without rest and not melt down. Carson had two naps in that amount of time.

Tomorrow we are heading over to Joyce & Allen’s house (long-time family friends) to babysit their 2 boys for a few hours. I hope to get a few good photos of all the kids, but getting two 13 months old, one 15 months old and a 3 1/2 year old to cooperate for photos…well, I have my fingers crossed.

We will be heading home on Monday morning. 

On This Day In Our History…

A year ago today, the twins finally came home from the NICU.

Look at how tiny they were. Sometimes I forget just how little they really were. Kate wasn’t even close to 5 lbs and Carson was barely 6 lbs.

Also, a year ago today, is the day we truly became parents. Of course I became a mother on February 12th, the day they were born. Actually, I was a mother long before they were born. In my eyes, I became a mom the moment I saw the positive pregnancy test. But when they came home from the NICU — 32 days after they were born — Mark and I became parents. We were now solely responsible for the care, maintenance, and love of these two tiny beings we had created.

I had NO IDEA what was in store for us. No one can prepare you for life with newborn, preemie twins.

When we got home from the hospital, Mark had to immediately leave for an out-of-town hearing. I was terrified! It’s the only time I’ve felt panic like that. I had no clue how to do anything. The nurses in the NICU did almost everything, and I didn’t even know how to prepare a formula bottle. I called my mom in Houston and cried and begged for her to come to Austin immediately. She was scheduled to come the next day, but she must have heard the fear in my voice (how could she not?). A few hours later, my mama was there to help and all was better. She stayed for 2 weeks and helped me establish a schedule and build my confidence.

March 15th is also remembered because it’s my Granny’s birthday. She would have been 80 years old today. We lost her in 2006 after complications from heart surgery.

Kate is named in my Granny’s honor. When Granny was pregnant with my mom, she wanted to name her Katherine after her two grandmothers. However, my Granny’s sister-in-law named her daughter Katherine just 4 months before my mom was born. So it was on to Plan B, and so my mom was named Dianne. Granny loved the name Katherine. She always told me that it sounded beautiful, elegant and strong. It’s also a family name that hasn’t been used in generations. That’s how Miss Kate became Katherine Bailey.

Now that I am a stay-at-home mom, I have an entirely new level of respect and adoration for my Granny. She stayed at home raising five kids while my Papa was travelling for a living. Five kids in 10 years! Before the days of Pampers, formula, Avent bottles, exersaucers, Baby Einstein, play groups, car seats, baby gates, etc. I don’t know how she did it. She was a true super mom.

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