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Ugh. What a day. I had yet another yucky day with Carson. I know a good chunk of this is teething, but his hitting/biting/kicking is truly getting out of control. Today’s highlights include, but are not limited to:

  1. Carson dumping out his box of crayons and throwing them like missiles at me…doing his angry scream while throwing. [Positive: It looks like my baseball blood has been passed down to him. He has a helluva arm!]
  2. He (apparently) intentionally hurt our dog Schatzie. When she cried in pain, he yanked her hair harder.
  3. He bit my knee cap (yes, my freakin’ knee cap!) because I wouldn’t pick him up at that very moment (I was washing dishes).
  4. He got mad at Kate and attacked the first object he could get his hands on. Unfortunately, it was the floor lamp in the living room that my mom gave us (sorry Mom!).
  5. And, finally, during a tantrum, he scooted his body into position to hit me in the face with the heel of his foot. I am very surprised that I don’t have a black eye from that because it hurt like hell.

And this was my day. It was so bad at time that I had to put myself in Time Out for a few minutes. I went into our bedroom, shut the door, and looked at the ceiling for about 3 minutes until I was no longer upset. When moms put themselves in Time Out, that’s a very bad day.

The excuse of teething only goes so far. I gave him Tylenol and that did not phase him a bit. Miss Jennifer told me yesterday that he was a perfect angel for her all day. What could be going on with him? It’s all directed at me, and I have no clue as to why.

The only times of the day that he was truly happy and content were when I was walking around carrying him. If I sat down, he would throw a fit. If I even walked near the bean bag (where we usually put them for bottles or when we are done holding them), he would whine. There is only so much that I can walk around with a 24 lbs tot on my hip especially since I have another little tot who needs me to.

So, I am a bit crabby tonight. Mark is on a business trip, and I have my fingers crossed that they kiddos sleep through the night and don’t want to get up at 5 AM.

To end on a happier note, here are some photos from today…

Here is Carson with his new lawn mower. I bought them 3 new toys yesterday (after seeing what Colin had in Dallas), and this was one of them. Look at that sour-puss look on his face. That look is the “I hate the camera” expression. Despite that look, he loves the lawn mower. He walked all over the house for the longest time with the new mower.


I am done with the sippy cup battle. For months and months, I have tried to get them into sippy cups. It’s never really worked well. So we found an alternative…cups with straws! They LOVE drinking from straws and they work and travel just as well has traditional sippy cups.

Carson at lunch time. On the menu today…green beans, slice of cheese, hot dog weiner, and ice water. (They only drink water if it’s icy cold. I’m the same way.)


King of the Mountain

I had a ROUGH day with Carson.

I don’t know if this was some kind of toddler pay-back for this past weekend when he was so clingy, fussy and insecure with all the new people and places, but he was just downright horrible all day. He was highly aggressive, mad, defiant, tantrumy (yes, it’s my new word), and at times mean. He has never had a day like this before.

Strangely enough, he didn’t take it out on Kate. He saved it all for his unsuspecting mama!

Let’s see…he threw his breakfast and lunch on the floor and when I told him to stop he screamed “NO!” and then dumped it all. (I made Mark handle dinner because I wasn’t up for another fight with him.) He shut me out of my own office, and screamed “NO!” at me while banging on the glass French doors. He turned off the satellite box at least ten times today, and each time I got on to him about it he screamed “NO!” Two of those times he also hit our flat screen TV — once with his hands and then with a large plastic toy. He got into the kitchen trash can more times than I can remember. When I would catch him, he would scream at me and then take off through the house with whatever prize he had gotten out of the can. He figured out how to open the back door (which, by the way, we have the kind of handles that cannot be child-proofed) and explored the patio while I frantically searched the house for him. He has never before opened a door before, and I had just let the dogs go outside which is why I had not locked the door.

But the big highlight of the day was when he started to get into a mini fight with Kate over by the toy bin. She refused to let him have a toy he was trying to steal from her. So he started angrily screaming and then crawled as fast as he could to me and started hitting me! I was sitting on the floor looking at a magazine and thought he was coming to me for comfort. Nope. If he could get Kate, I guess he would get me. When I stopped him from hitting me, he had a melt down. Once I thought he had calmed down, I reached out and picked him up and hugged him while he sat in my lap. He suddenly turned and started hitting me in the face and grunting/screaming at me. So I walked away from him and let him throw his fit on the floor. Kate just looked on with this ‘what’s going on?’ expression on her face.


Bad day with Mr. Carson.

The good part is that he slept until 7:30 AM and then took a 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon — both of these things have never happened before. He has never slept that much like this. He usually takes one hour naps, and wakes up before 6 AM. I don’t know if that had anything to do with his behavior today.

I have my fingers crossed that he wakes up in better spirits tomorrow.

Oh, and Miss Kate had a wonderful day. She talked my ear off.

Carson: 17-Months Old

Weight: About 23-24 lbs. He is wearing Size 18 month clothes — sometimes I buy him 2T t-shirts. He is in Size 3-4 diapers and wears Size 4-5 shoes.

Feedings: He is a good eater. Carson gets 3 meals a day, plus 2 snacks. He drinks 8 oz of milk 4 times a day plus watered down juice and water. He loves bananas, Eggos, meat, pasta, green beans, and Goldfish. He has lost his love of cheese recently.

Favorites: Maggie! The boy absolutely adores our dog Maggie. He also loves playing with plastic spoons, throwing things (toys, books, clothes, food), bath time, toy stealing, wrestling with Kate (and me), jumping on the bean bag, exploring forbidden areas of the house, going outside, and getting into the kitchen trash can.

Least Favorites: Wearing shoes, having shampoo rinsed out of his hair, long car trips, blocked access to areas.

Issues: It has become very clear to us just how shy and uncomfortable he is in new places with new people. It took him hours to warm up at two recently family events. He just held on to Mark for dear life. Carson also continues to drop/throw food from his highchair.

Personality: Silly, happy, funny, and shy.

Areas to Work On: We would LOVE for him to stop waking up for the day before 6 AM! I’m not sure how we can work on that, but this morning he got up at 5:20 AM. On average, he wakes up at 6 AM. Ugh. We also need more practice wearing shoes.

New Things: Four new teeth coming in on top, drinking from a straw cup, and faster walking. He is also giving kisses on command and doing some other imitations.

Comparison: Carson is a early bird, Kate sleeps in much longer.

Randomness: He hasn’t been fighting with Kate very much this month. They are playing together a lot now.

The Boy & His Dog

It took all us — the dog, the boy, & us — a long time to get to the above photos.

For the first year of the twins’ life, Maggie was locked up and kept completely way from the babies. She’s a big lab who has been somewhat anti-social in the past (not biting anyone, but refusing to be petted by anyone beside me, Mark and my mom). We had talked about sending her to doggie bootcamp when I was pregnant, but she just napped on our king size bed for the past year or so. Fat and happy.

Slowly we began introducing the twins to the dogs. Kate immediately fell in love with Schatzie (the Corgi), and Carson was indifferent and a little intimidated by the dogs — especially Maggie. But after a few months of watching the dogs from the living room window and slowing allowing the dogs to be with us under close supervision, Carson and Maggie have now bonded.

Maggie kisses Carson. Carson kisses Maggie. Carson pets her, sits on her, climbs on her, and inspects her (ears, nose, tail, etc). I truly think the love is mutual — or perhaps Maggie just puts up with it because she knows the alternative is being locked up and away from the action. Either way, it’s so cute to watch.

Carson’s Eyes

I just love his unusual and unique colored eyes. It’s a little bit of me (blue) and a little bit of Mark (brown). I wonder what he will put down on his drivers’ license one day.

Carson: 16-Months Old

This photo cracks me up. This is wild-man Carson in the bath.

Weight: About 23 lbs. He is wearing size 18 months and occasionally size 2T! Carson wears Size 4 diapers and Size 4 shoes.

Feedings: Three meals a day plus an afternoon snack. He gets three milk bottles per day (8 oz per bottle) and water or juice in between milk bottles. He loves meat, cheese, breads, Goldfish, bananas, and green beans. He isn’t too wild on pastas or fruits (bananas being the exception).

Favorites: Elmo car, mischief making, toy stealing, petting the dogs, walking (and the cheering that comes with it), cuddling, being kissed, plastic spoons, bath time, and jumping on the sofa.

Least Favorites: Being told no, car trips, diaper changes, wearing shoes, and not being able to see me at all times.

Issues: Aggression towards Kate. Hitting, biting, and tantrums. Dropping food from his highchair (Kate does this too).

Personality: Carson is our funny man — he loves to laugh and to make Kate laugh. I have a growing concern about his fighting with Kate, but I’m not sure if it’s just part of this age and part of being a twin. He has conquered a lot of his timidness this past month.

Areas to Work On:Hitting and biting out of anger, keeping out of the kitchen cabinets, sippy cup, and eating veggies other than just green beans.

New Things: Walking, no longer afraid of crawling up the stairs, new tooth, swimming for the first time, and standing easily from a sitting position.

Comparison: Kate is more verbal right now, and Carson has better physical control/mobility right now.

Randomness:He is the best snuggler/cuddler in the world! Carson thrives on physical affection in all forms — hugs, kisses, cuddling, tickling, etc.


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