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Things I Don’t Want to Forget, Part 1

  • Kate is always the first one I take out to the car when we are going out-and-about or to Miss Jennifer’s. As soon as we are in the garage and Kate sees the car, she starts to clap and say, “Yay!” She also claps and says “Yay” when we are returning home and pulling into the garage. I will say, “We’re home,” and Kate starts cheering.
  • Kate is the first into the car and the last one out…every time. Carson is less likely to fuss if he sees me leave the room, so Kate always goes first.
  • Carson always wakes up from naps and bedtime earlier than Kate — 1 + hours usually. The time we have alone together before Kate wakes up from her nap is my favorite time of the day with Carson. We cuddle on the couch, I carry him around, we play and talk on the floor. When he hears Kate start to wake up on the monitor, he starts to fuss and whine because he knows his time is up.
  • They hate traditional sippy cups, but love drinking from straws instead.
  • Carson gradually wakes up from sleep. I can hear him chirping, “talking” and softly calling out “dada” over the monitor. Kate wakes up in a full scream every time. So I run up the stairs and I always find her smiling.
  • Kate is hot and cold on hair bows. There are some days that she will wear one and not mess with it; other days she instantly pulls it out and refuses to wear it.
  • Carson likes to sit at the back of the bath tub and hoard all of the toys back there. Kate likes to sit in front and play with the water coming out of the faucet.
  • Carson hates having his teeth brushed, and Kate doesn’t seem to mind at all.
  • Both are struggling with the concept of shoes.

Kate was so exhausted on Sunday night after returning from Dallas, that she passed out (with our dog Maggie) at 6 PM.


Kate: 17-Months Old

Weight: I am guessing somewhere between 19-20 lbs. She wears Size 12 months clothes, Size 3 diapers, and Size 4-5 shoes. Kate is long and lean.

Feedings: Kate is very hot and cold on food. There are some days when she eats a lot, and other days that she hardly eats at all. She has a strong preference for Goldfish, crackers and Puffies which we now have to limit because if she had her way would be the only thing she would eat. In the past week or so, Kate has reverted back to wanting pureed baby food. We aren’t sure what to make of this. She still eats some table/finger food. She drinks about 8 oz of milk 4 times a day plus water and watered down juice.

Favorites: Shopping, bath time, laying/sitting on me, playing in my office, climbing the stairs and the couch, jumping on the bean bag, walking with the Elmo car, having lotion put on her legs, dancing, playing her little boom box toy that plays music for her, and her dolls.

Least Favorites: Watching me leave a room, sitting in the car for too long, not being able to go somewhere she wants to go.

Issues: Reverting back to baby food, getting up once a night for milk (this started 2 weeks ago), and a new clinginess on me.

Personality: Kate is a social butterfly. It doesn’t take her very long to warm up to new people and new environments. She likes to put on a show by dancing, “talking” and giving kisses. She is still a Mama’s Girl.

Areas to Work On: Sleeping through the night again, more practice walking, wearing shoes, and going back to table food.

New Things: She has gotten good at the sippy cup and especially likes the kind with a straw. Kate has discovered dancing and does it every chance she gets. She is walking between me and Mark, but still isn’t steady enough to go more than 3-4 steps…but she is getting better!

Comparison: Carson is painfully shy; Kate is not.

Randomness: Everyone at Miss Jennifer’s call her “Kate-Kate,” and now that is what she is calling herself…though it sounds like “Key-Key”

Kate’s 1st Steps!

Now we have two walkers!

I went into my home office to check my email. I had just sat down, and when I looked up from my desk I see Miss Kate walking down the hallway to the office! I couldn’t believe it. By the time I grabbed my camera, turned it on, took off the lens cap, she had already made it to the doorway. Ugh. So I missed her actual first steps on film, but this is just moments after.

I think she was motivated to walk just simply as a practical matter — she is sick of crawling and can hold things in her hands if she walks. I think Carson started walking simply for the applause and praise.

I can’t believe our baby girl is walking!

Fat Lip

This has turned into a rather crappy week — especially for Miss Kate.

When I picked the twins up from Miss Jennifer’s today I was told about an accident involving Kate. She told me that one of the other twins (3 1/2 year olds) tried to pick up Kate and accidentally dropped her on her face…on wood floors!

The older twins at Miss Jennifer’s have become somewhat obsessed with my twins lately. They seem to view them as real-life baby dolls that they try to pick up and carry. Obviously, they aren’t strong enough or coordinated enough to do that. It has Miss Jennifer stressed out, and this has become the last straw for the older twins. The older twins are suppose to start pre-school in the fall, but they are just too rough on the younger kiddos that Miss Jennifer is going to talk to the parents about a much earlier exit for them.

I think that is a good idea. Plus, I think it would benefit the older twins to get out of a home environment and be around kids their own age.

Anyway, so this is Kate’s fat lip. I was told that it was much more swollen than this after it first happened. Kate doesn’t act like it bothers her in anyway, and was in a great mood this evening.

The twins went to Miss Jennifer’s house three days this week instead of two. She gave me a free day as a thank you. I did not like having 3 days in a row without them. The first two days were okay — I did laundry, I went to the grocery store, I took a nap, I cleaned the house. But by this afternoon I was missing them terribly. I am looking forward to having a nice, normal day at home on Friday. 


On the one year anniversary of the worst day of our lives, it seems painfully ironic that we would receive this news on this particular day.

Kate has a genetic disease (or disorder…depending on the source) called immunoglobulin A deficiency (IgA).

Last Friday Kate had blood work taken to determine if she had food allergies, our pedi also ran an IgA test because Kate seems to have a lot of stomach bugs and other minor ailments. She tested positive.

I am still reseraching this disease/disorder, but what I have found so far is this…

  • About 1 in 333 people have this, so it’s considered relatively common.
  • She was born with it, there is no cure, and she will have it the rest of her life.
  • Her body has an inability to produce IgA which is part of the body’s defenses against infection at the body’s surface (primarily respiratory & digestive). Therefore, bacteria in these locations are more able to cause disease and sickness.
  • Kate will have increased risks to things such as chest colds, urinary tract infections, sinus infections, pneumonia, and possibly developing an autoimmune disease as an adult.
  • Basically, she is likely to get sick more often, it will take her longer to kick infections, and we have to keep a close eye on her to avoid something potentially fatal like pneumonia.

After I freaked out on the phone with the doctor, he assured me that she will be able to live a healthy, active life, and it’s a good thing that we know this about her body. I need to teach her to wash her hands often, keep her hands away from her mouth and nose, never dismiss anything as just a ‘common cold,’ make sure she get plenty of exercise, vitamin C and veggies. He joked that she might be the only kid in her elementary school with a bottle of Purell in her lunchbox.

The good news is that Kate doesn’t have any food allergies and her iron levels look great. Apparently she is over her egg allergy (odd, very odd). So, the twins had their first taste of peanut butter (on crackers), and they absolutely loved it. So now I can add peanut butter to the snack roster. 🙂

Kate: 16-Months Old

Technically she is 15 months old in this photo from last weekend in Houston, but she refused to let me take her photo today.

Weight: I’m guessing 19-20 lbs. She is wearing Size 12 months clothes, Size 3 diapers and Size 4 shoes.

Feedings: We recently figured out her hunger strike (too much milk), and so for the past week she has finally been eating like a champ again. She gets breakfast (but not too early), lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner. Kate gets three 8 oz bottles per day (first thing in the morning, before her mid-day nap & bedtime), and we give her water or watered down juice between her bottles. Her favorite foods include biscuits, fruit (except bananas), crackers and pasta (yes, there is a carbs pattern here).

Favorites: Lucy the bath duck, stuffed animals that she calls “baby,” getting on and off the sofa, packing and unpacking, being tickled, walking with the Elmo car, watching me prepare her bath, brushing her hair, talking, dropping items just because she likes to say “uh oh,” watching music performances on TV, Bunnytown, giving kisses, and many other things.

Least Favorites: Fighting off Carson, being told no, confinement in the car seat for too long, veggies, and having her diaper changed.

Issues: Nothing is coming to mind. She is sleeping through the night, takes good naps, eats well, and is rarely fussy.

Personality: Sweet girl, loves to laugh, loves kisses, at times demanding, impatient, can have her feelings easily hurt if you tell her no or get on to her.

Areas to Work On: Freakin’ sippy cup & more practice walking. Oh, and keeping out of the kitchen cabinets.

New Things: Standing unsupported, walking with Elmo car, pointing to facial parts on her dolls (“Where is baby’s nose?”), attempting to wash her own hair and body in the bath, dancing, an several new words.

Comparison: Kate is a lover; Carson is a fighter.

Randomness: Kate is now mimicking so many things that I do — rubbing her hands together when she sees me washing my hands, trying to shampoo her own hair as she watches me shampoo Carson’s hair, etc.



Pint Size Diet Coke Fiend

No, I don’t really let her drink Diet Coke straight from the can. Though she does very much enjoy taking a few sips from my glass. Both kiddos love playing with empty cans. I remove the tab thingie (afraid of them choking on it), and then they play “can soccer” on the kitchen floor. It’s noisy, but fun to watch.

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