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Ugh. What a day. I had yet another yucky day with Carson. I know a good chunk of this is teething, but his hitting/biting/kicking is truly getting out of control. Today’s highlights include, but are not limited to:

  1. Carson dumping out his box of crayons and throwing them like missiles at me…doing his angry scream while throwing. [Positive: It looks like my baseball blood has been passed down to him. He has a helluva arm!]
  2. He (apparently) intentionally hurt our dog Schatzie. When she cried in pain, he yanked her hair harder.
  3. He bit my knee cap (yes, my freakin’ knee cap!) because I wouldn’t pick him up at that very moment (I was washing dishes).
  4. He got mad at Kate and attacked the first object he could get his hands on. Unfortunately, it was the floor lamp in the living room that my mom gave us (sorry Mom!).
  5. And, finally, during a tantrum, he scooted his body into position to hit me in the face with the heel of his foot. I am very surprised that I don’t have a black eye from that because it hurt like hell.

And this was my day. It was so bad at time that I had to put myself in Time Out for a few minutes. I went into our bedroom, shut the door, and looked at the ceiling for about 3 minutes until I was no longer upset. When moms put themselves in Time Out, that’s a very bad day.

The excuse of teething only goes so far. I gave him Tylenol and that did not phase him a bit. Miss Jennifer told me yesterday that he was a perfect angel for her all day. What could be going on with him? It’s all directed at me, and I have no clue as to why.

The only times of the day that he was truly happy and content were when I was walking around carrying him. If I sat down, he would throw a fit. If I even walked near the bean bag (where we usually put them for bottles or when we are done holding them), he would whine. There is only so much that I can walk around with a 24 lbs tot on my hip especially since I have another little tot who needs me to.

So, I am a bit crabby tonight. Mark is on a business trip, and I have my fingers crossed that they kiddos sleep through the night and don’t want to get up at 5 AM.

To end on a happier note, here are some photos from today…

Here is Carson with his new lawn mower. I bought them 3 new toys yesterday (after seeing what Colin had in Dallas), and this was one of them. Look at that sour-puss look on his face. That look is the “I hate the camera” expression. Despite that look, he loves the lawn mower. He walked all over the house for the longest time with the new mower.


I am done with the sippy cup battle. For months and months, I have tried to get them into sippy cups. It’s never really worked well. So we found an alternative…cups with straws! They LOVE drinking from straws and they work and travel just as well has traditional sippy cups.

Carson at lunch time. On the menu today…green beans, slice of cheese, hot dog weiner, and ice water. (They only drink water if it’s icy cold. I’m the same way.)



Yeah, this is another lazy post because it’s approaching midnight and my thoughts are a bit all over the place tonight.

  • Kate’s sleeping through the night is now a thing of the past. For the past week, she is waking up between 10-11:30 PM screaming bloody murder. Finally, after some trial and error, we figured out that she wanted milk. I’m not sure what this is all about. I’ve heard of sleep regression, so perhaps that’s it. I also tend to think she isn’t eating enough dinner lately; she prefers to play with it.
  • My mom is coming to visit for the holiday weekend, and we have all kinds of fun stuff planned. We are going over to my aunt and uncle’s for a little family shindig, and then we are taking the family to our town’s Fourth of July celebration. Hell, I’m just looking forward to having an excuse to put on some make-up and look a little less slobbish.
  • The mother of the kid who accidentally dropped Kate and busted her lip last week apologized to me when I picked up the twins this afternoon. Well, actually her exact working was, “I’m sorry my daughter beat up your daughter.” She said it in a sing-songy (is that a word? It is now.) way which I really can’t stand. I don’t like being talked to like I’m a toddler, but that could be a whole other post. Anyway, I chuckled and said that everything was fine. Then she added, “Well, I suspect this won’t be the last time a parent apologizes to you about their kid beating up on Kate. She’s small and has a smart mouth on her.” (Still in that damn sing-songy tone.) Are you f’ing kidding me? How exactly can a 16 month old who has about a 10 word vocabulary have a smart mouth on her? My smile faded, and I gave a less than friendly reply. I know that other mom isn’t too happy about having her twins kicked out of Miss Jennifer’s and forced into a more structured preschool, and for whatever reason she decided to unleash that tension she is having with Miss Jennifer out on me.
  • Do you think the twins are ready for sparklers this year? Oh how I love sparklers.
  • I have received two email newsletter thingies from large baby websites (who, by the way, will never remove you from their databases…something all pregnant women should know) about potty training. I find this incredible! 16 months old — actually 14 months old when you adjust their age due to prematurity. Potty training! I have one kid who is walking, but isn’t talking yet. Another who is talking, but isn’t walking yet. We are not ready for potty training yet. Everything I’ve ever heard or read about says to start thinking about as their 2nd birthday is approaching. It just seems so rushed. My “potty training strategy” is to build up to it slowly and wait for cues from them that they are interested in the concept. They aren’t even physically able to hold it in at this age. Why would I want to set them up for failure? It all seems so absurd to me.

More Encounters with Rude and/or Crazy Folks

After the twins woke up from their mid-day nap, all three of us were experiencing some cabin fever. So, I loaded us up and went to the pedi’s for a free weigh-in. (They let us come in when ever we like to use the scale.)

Kate… 18 lbs, 7 oz (almost 2 lbs gained in a month)

Carson…22 lbs, 4 oz (10 oz gained)

The nurses went on and on about how good the twins looked, and Kate even flashed her new teeth (that she didn’t have at the last visit) at them.

As I was loading them into the car, a cranky elderly woman was parked next to me and immediately (and without any prompting) started a rant about how much twins suck. She told me she is a twin, she has two sets of twin grandchildren, and twins run in her family. It was a very uncomfortable situation for me. How exactly do you respond to, “I wouldn’t trade places with you for all the tea in China!” I was in a good mood and not wanting to get into it with her, but I hate it when that happens. Social graces and tact are apparently a thing of the past.

After that I drove the twins up to Mark’s office for a quick visit. I haven’t brought the twins up there in a very long time, and I know Mark wanted to show them off. As I was waiting at a light of a busy intersection (MoPac & Parmer for you Austin folks), I saw a homeless woman panhandling. She held a sign that read, “Pregnant and Hungry. God Bless You.” I never give money at intersections, but I felt sorry for this pregnant woman. So I rolled down my window and handed her a full roll of unopened Ritz Crackers that I had just put in my purse before we left the house (the twins like to snack in the car). She gave me a horrible look , violently swatted the crackers from my hand and barked, “I don’t want your God damn food, bitch! I want your cash!” Lovely. So up goes the window and off we drive.

My mom is coming into town tomorrow evening to help us with the garage sale on Saturday. I am looking forward to seeing her. It seems like it’s been longer than it actually has been. Plus, I think Mark and I are going to a have a date night either Friday or Saturday night. 🙂


Boo Hoo Post: Lower Back Edition

I don’t want this to become my sounding board for every ache and pain, but the situation with my back is still the central theme in our household.

Welcome to week two in the “Mama is a Gimp” saga.

To be honest, my back pain is starting to scare me. The last time — which was the first time — my back hurt was last August. I know it was caused from being foolish enough to carry both babies in their heavy as hell infant carriers in and out of Miss Jennifer’s, the store, the house, etc. My recovery took three days and I was back to normal.

That’s not the case this time. We are on week 2. I don’t know what caused it. There has been little to no improvement. And lately it has gone from feeling like a muscular issue (dull pain) to perhaps something more with the nerves (sharp pain).

My muscle relaxers have lost their effectiveness, and my pain pills are long gone.

I hurt. The chronic pain is now effecting my mood. I snapped at Mark this evening with no just cause. He has been great over the past 2 weeks — tending to all of the twins’ needs, and letting me rest my back as much as possible.

The way the doc explained it to me last week is that my back is a large collection of muscles. It will be easy to continue to strain it because it’s impossible to truly rest it. In my case it’s especially bad because I can rest my back when the twins are at Miss Jennifer’s and at the end of the day my back does feel a lot better. Then the next day I have the twins home with me and it’s pure hell on my back.

So it’s one step forward, two steps back.

On top of that, I have this feeling of isolation. My mom lives 250 miles away. Mark obviously can’t be at home with me all the time. I don’t have anyone here I can call on to help me. My close friends that I’ve had forever and whom I could count on for anything all live up in Dallas (about as far away as my mom is from me). My local family are all busy with their own lives or working. And, frankly, Miss Jennifer has left all the hints that she isn’t interested in watching them every day this week (and that could be another post).

So I’m toughing it out. I am brought to tears just simply picking them up to put them in their highchairs or up on the changing table or hell just picking them up for any reason.

Kate does a great job entertaining herself for most of the day. She plays with her toys, looks out the window, and does some exploring. She will let me know when she is hungry or just needs a quick kiss and snuggle.

Carson is another story. He isn’t that good at self-entertaining…well, at least not for long periods of time. He is constantly on my coat-tails. He follows me to the bathroom, to the kitchen, he is my little shadow. Which is cute when I am not hurting, but (and I hate to say this) he is a big chunk of my two steps backwards issue.

Now that he is teething — which, by the way, his first tooth is all the way through and he is now working on tooth #2 — he has become super clingy. If I lay on the sofa to rest my back, he is standing right there banging his hands on my stomach and fussing until I pick him up. If I lay on my stomach on the floor (the most comfortable position for me), he is almost immediately climbing on my back and either pulling my hair or trying to yank off my glasses. Carson is your typical wild, playful toddler — which is super cute when I’m not in pain.

To round-out this whiney post, let me also add that my house has stairs (26 to be exact) and that is the most painful task.

Oh, and the other casualty of my gimpiness is the house. Can you imagine what your house would look like if you had two toddlers and couldn’t bend over to pick things up off the floor for two weeks? Yeah. It’s that bad.

Tomorrow I am calling to set up an appointment for physical therapy. I hope that helps because I really can’t continue on this way.

We’re Still Alive & Kicking

Hello. I’m still here. Sorry for the delayed blogging, but we’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties.

You haven’t missed much.

  • My back went out again! I have no idea what brought this on, but I woke up Monday and was essentially unable to move. So the twins will be at Miss Jennifer’s until Thursday while I have my love fest with a heating pad and leftover hydrocodone from the kidney stone incident. Ugh.
  • Kate now has 4 teeth! Two on the top and two on the bottom. I think it’s been harder on all of us than it has been on her. So that’s 4 teeth in less than 3 weeks.
  • I wasn’t able to visit my dad’s grave this past weekend in San Antonio. I had forgotten that the Final Four was being held in San Antonio, so everything was a big parking lot. We ended up staying until Sunday, and had a nice visit with my mom and Uncle Mike.
  • Mark won his big trial! The jury ended up awarding him (or his client I should say) three times what they were asking for. So it ended up in the seven digits. I’m so proud of him! They had champagne waiting for him at his office when they got back.
  • Carson has been throwing tantrums that could give Miss Kate a run for her money. He is getting incredibly frustrated over the smallest thing. He falls backwards and then flops around like a fish while whinning and crying.
  • Don’t forget to go vote for Miss Kate in the photo contest. 🙂
  • Oh, and today should have been the twins’ 1st birthday. April 8th was my full-term due date. That sure does make February 12th seem like forever ago.

Nothing Like Being Mistaken As Pregnant On Your Birthday

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes that came through the comments, emails and calls. I wish I could report that I had a stellar day, but that wouldn’t be true.

The day started out crappy when I found myself playing the Molly Ringwald character in “Sixteen Candles” and Mark playing her family. Yes, I had to remind him that it was my birthday as he was walking out the door for work…’Are you even going to wish me a Happy Birthday?’ That has to be in the top 5 (or maybe top 10) marriage no-nos.

In his defense, this damn trial of his has taken him over. It’s all he talks about, and according to him, it’s all he dreams about lately too. He has been completely pre-occupied, though that still doesn’t completely excuse forgetting your wife’s birthday. Mark did come home with one of those cute singing cards and promised to take me somewhere nice as soon as the trial is over. The card said something about being “hotter than ever” (a total lie) and it sang “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash which is a bit of an inside joke between us.

So, my day didn’t start off too hot. It got worse.

After my self-indulgent 2-hour morning nap (after dropping the kiddos off at Miss Jennifer’s), I went up to Kohl’s to see about some new spring/summer clothes for the twins. In the process of walking back to the baby section, I had four salespersons bug me about signing up for the Kohl’s credit card. That alone is annoying because they no longer ask if they can help you; they just harrass you over 24% APR card. Umm, no thanks.

Anyway, so I get to the baby section and a middle aged saleswoman comes right up to me and immediately starts with the stupid credit card speech. I nicely say no thanks. She continues on and adds this…

You look like you are about to pop soon. A summer baby, right? Babies are so expensive. You are about to find that out! The more customers who sign up for the credit card, the more sales we can offer. You would be saving some good money.

She thought I was pregnant! Not just that, but VERY pregnant. She was standing behind me as I was looking at clothes hanging on the wall which was a good thing because I didn’t want her or anyone else to see the color drain from my face. I was already emotional because of what happened this morning with Mark, and now this. I immediately started to tear up. I just wanted out of there. This woman still kept yapping away, and I just opened my arms out to the side and dropped all of the merchandise I was holding to the floor. I walked off. That woman I’m sure was shocked and kept yelling “Ma’am, Ma’am” and I left the store.

When I got to the glass doors of the store entrance I saw a reflection of myself in the glass. I did not look pregnant. I turned to the side. I still did not look pregnant. There is no way someone could mistake me for being ready to pop.


Things were much better this evening when Mark got home, but it was still a blah birthday.

I still can’t believe that woman said that to me. I could halfway excuse it if it had been some teenaged girl, but this was a woman who looked like she had squeezed out one or five babes herself.

Okay, enough of that.

Miss Jennifer reported that the twins had a fussy day, and she thinks it has to do with teething. I agree. Kate is having a hard time with that new top tooth. Both kiddos have some kind of nasty sounding wet cough. Carson had a little mini tantrum when we got home because I wouldn’t let him dig in my purse. He is getting frustrated so easily nowadays. They both ate like little piglets at dinner…twice as much as normal.

Tomorrow is a new day. I plan on taking the little monsters out to the store and perhaps the park. 🙂

Not So Good Friday

This will be quick. I have a date with some pain meds and my bed soon.

Around 8:30 this morning I started having VERY intense dull pains on my lower left side…on both the front and back sides. Long story short, Mark rushed me to the ER; my mom rushed over from Houston to help with the twins; I spent 5 hours at the hospital.

I have an ovarian cyst on my left ovary AND kidney stone(s). They found blood in my urine, etc.

The highlight of the day was having a class full of 18 year old aspiring ultrasound techs from the local community college spending an hour and a half practicing trans-vaginal scanning. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know what that means. The wand! I wasn’t even asked if I could be their lab rat. I was ‘wanded’ by a kid who had tats and a face full of metal…and have the nerve to call me ma’am. Ha. Not fun.

I need to go see my OB next week and find a urologist too. Kidney stones. Ahh. What fun.

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