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No More Buns In This Oven

We have our neighborhood garage sale coming up in April, and we have so much crap junk stuff we need to sale. So while the twins were napping this afternoon I started to tackle my home office. I love books, but I know I need to go ahead and say goodbye to some of them. The first to be pulled off the shelves were all of my pregnancy/birth/baby twin books. I was surprised at how upset it got me. We’ve known for a long time that our family is now complete. I mean, come on, healthy, beautiful boy/girl twins. It doesn’t get any better than that…especially when I struggled with infertility for 3 years. We have one of everything they make, as my mom likes to say.

Then why am I so bothered by throwing these books out? Some of the books are well-worn and many pages are dog-eared. My favorite of all of them was the Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week. I had this silly tradition of reading the next week’s info on Sunday nights. I remember thinking, ‘The baby is the size of a grain of rice right now. How cool!’ [This was before the big twins surprise at our first ultrasound.]

Anyway, I’m just carrying on. It’s just a tangible end of an era. My family is complete. I will never be pregnant again. I’m closing that [wonderful, exciting] chapter of my life. Time to look forward to things like walking, potty training, and teaching Kate that eating paper is not a good thing.

The next exciting thing that will be happening with my womb is menopause. Woo hoo. 🙂


On This Day In History…


A year ago today, I was on my second day of hospital bed rest at 30 weeks pregnant with the twins. I was so beyond miserable. The pre-eclampsia made me swell up like a whale, and I was uncomfortable in the hospital.

I don’t know why they call it bed rest because there isn’t a lot of resting taking place in the hospital. I am pretty sure I never went beyond 2-3 hours of uninterrupted sleep without a nurse coming in to test my blood, inject me with insulin, introduce herself between shifts, weigh me at 5 AM, do a non-stress test  (which was super uncomfortable to lay on my back through that), wake me up to ask me when was the last time I peed, etc. I wasn’t able to leave my room — not even for a little spin in the wheelchair — and I had to ask permission to take a shower.

My mom and Mark had to listen to a good deal of bitching and moaning during that week.

That was the scariest time in my life. I was worried my babies’ healths (and we knew Miss Kate was in trouble), I was worried about my own health (the word stroke was used a lot), and I was worried about the unknown (I could have been wheeled down for an emergency c-section at any moment).

I wish I knew then what I know now…that everything was fine, the twins would be great, and I would recover.

On This Day In History…


A year ago today, I was 28 weeks pregnant with the twins and at my last baby shower. As you can see, I was freakin’ HUGE.

I remember my mom helping me get dressed for the shower, and asking her, ‘Do you think I look pregnant?’ Her laughter answered that silly question.

What I didn’t know at that time was that pre-eclampsia (pregnancy induced high blood pressure…a serious complication) was starting to take hold of me, and that accounted for a good deal of my massiveness. Less than two weeks later I was put on hospital bed rest.

On This Day In History…

A year ago today I was in my hometown of Tyler being honored with my first baby shower. I was 22 weeks pregnant with the twins. At 22 weeks, I was feeling great and was in the real honeymoon phase of the pregnancy. I loved that weekend in Tyler, and I loved that stage in my life.

I just thought I would take a look back today.

Meeting the Folks Who Brought Them Into the World

It’s no secret that I absolutely love Dr. Uribe (my OB) and his wonderful staff of nurses. They held my hand during the years of trying to get pregnant, failed fertility treatments, the excitement over the twin pregnancy, the high drama of my pregnancy’s finale and post-partum issues.

So I had been especially looking forward to taking the twins to my annual wellness visit with him. It was the first time they had seen the twins…well, aside from the tiny, bloody babies they pulled out of me 7 months ago.

They ooh’ed and ahh’ed and made a big deal over them. 🙂 It was almost like introducing them to family for the first time. That may sound silly, but I had 26 appointments/visits with him during my 32 week pregnancy (keeping in mind I was 8 weeks when I saw him the first time). That’s a lot!

As for me, I am doing pretty well. My blood pressure has finally returned to normal (120/78). That horrible pre-eclampsia is gone. I am still having some hormone adjustment that has been causing me to have some intense hot flashes. They say it’s from the steroid shots I received while on hospital bed-rest at the end of January — the shots to mature the babies lungs for an early birth. I can’t believe it’s still hanging in my system. I will be doing a happy dance once that goes away.

Photo: Here are the twins and nurse Kym. (Dr. Uribe had to run off to bring another baby into the world.) Kym is fantastic! She is Uribe’s right-hand and was in the room when the babies were born and helped with the actual sugery.

My C-Section Experience

I have a few minutes to post something about the birth of my twins before I have another pumping session.

In the days leading up to the c-section I was so bitchy, on edge and scared…and it was all for nothing! Honestly, the C-section wasn’t bad at all. The worst part was getting the IV and that’s mainly due to a nurse who opposed using the numbing shot first. I didn’t even feel them giving me the spinal block. I was waiting and waiting and then I asked, “When are you going to do it?” Just as I said that I could feel all this warmth traveling up and down my body. They laughed and said it was done.

My OB came into the OR and said hello, kissed me on the forehead and asked me if I was excited. I just love my OB. However, I expected him to give some kind of play-by-play of events as they were happening, but he didn’t. Mark was sitting next to my head, holding my right hand, and looked scared. I was amazingly calm.

Next thing I heard was the voice of my OB saying, “Happy Birthday Katherine! Hi little girl!” There was no cry. They covered her in a blanket and rushed her out of the room. I didn’t even get a glimpse. I looked at Mark and he looked like he was about to lose it; he squeeze my hand. I could tell he was smiling even though he had on a mask.

Next I felt all kinds of tugging and pulling. Nothing hurt, of course, but I could tell Carson was going to be a lot bigger than his sister based on the amount of effort it took getting him out. It seemed to last forever — though in reality it was 2 minutes.

Then we heard, “Hey little wiggle worm! You thought you could get away from me?! Happy Birthday Carson!” [Apparently once Kate was out, Carson took advantage of the extra womb room and played a bit of hide-and-seek from my OB.] I got a quick glimpse of him being rushed out. All we saw was two semi-bloody legs up in the air and a big blanket. Mark snapped a photo.

I looked over again at Mark. He leaned close my face and said, “We are parents! You did it.” and he kissed me through the mask. All I could do was smile. I wasn’t crying. I think I was just in shock that it was all over with.

A few short minutes later, they brought Katherine in to see me. They put her by my face and I kissed her on the cheek. She didn’t look anything like I expected. I could tell she was very tiny. The nurse who brought her in said, “She is tiny, but boy is she feisty!” They took her away, and a few minutes later they brought both twins in to see me. They were in a clear plastic box. I didn’t get to kiss Carson, but I saw him. He was blowing spit bubbles and was crying. Joy washed over me once I heard him crying.

The twins and Mark left the room. I wanted Mark to stay with the babies. He got photos of then being weighed, etc. As they made their way to the elevators to go up to the NICU, the ran into my entourage. So my mom, mother-in-law, aunt, etc. got to see the babies in the clear plastic box. I’m so glad they got to see them there.

I spent an hour in the recovery room. Mom came into to see me. She went on and on about how beautiful the twins are, how they were breathing on their own, etc. I’ve never seen her beam like that before. Mark came into the recovery room with a napkin with their heights and weights written on it.

After the recovery room, I went to my private mother-baby room. I stayed there for 4 days. They made me walk to the bathroom (about 6 feet) and to my wheelchair that evening. That was not fun. The day after surgery was the worst physically and emotionally for me. I hurt pretty badly and I cried all day.

But after the hurdle of day 2, everything has been smooth. It has now been five days and I feel almost back to normal. I am walking just fine. I am eating, sitting up in bed, etc. I am still sore and I still need to stay on top of my pain meds (I can tell when they are wearing off), but otherwise it’s no big deal.

So that’s the story. Now it’s time to pump some more milk for the kiddos.

The Last Pregnancy Photo

This was taken an hour before my C-section, so I look a bit scared.

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