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I’m Moving…Again!

Long-time readers of this blog are probably about to curse out loud at this, but…

This blog is moving to a new domain name. So please update your feeds and bookmarks.

I actually bought the domain name over a year ago, but haven’t devoted any time to teaching myself CSS, FTP and other web stuff. I finally kinda-sorta figured out just the bare minimum now.

I’ve had so many friends and family call me because they couldn’t remember the blog address, so I thought would be very easy for everyone to remember.

Anyway, follow me over…I’m still working on it and cleaning everything up, but at least everything has been imported and is up…oh, and let me know if it doesn’t appear correctly on your computer. My mom said something about the post being way at the bottom of the page, but it pulled up perfectly on our computers.

I promise this is the final blog move! 🙂


Ahhh…So Worth the Wait!

I realize how completely weird it is to write a blog post on this topic, but I love what the carpet cleaners did! My house looks brand new again (and we’ve only lived here for 15 months, and the house is 3 years old!). And they used a special machine and cleaned all of the tile and grout in the downstairs.

I was stunned at this machine! I have tried everything under the sun…I have been on my hands-and-knees dealing with the aftermath of living with 2 dogs and 2 toddlers (who love to throw food). Nothing worked. The grout on our otherwise beautiful tile had turned black. It was disgusting looking. With his high-powered steam magic machine, it all came up. The tile is back to looking brand spankin’ new!

I’m sure there are several folks reading this silly post and rolling their eyes, but issues with the floor have been a big thing for me. I hate gross floors, and my floors were pretty damn gross.

Not any more though! 🙂

I totally forgot to get before and after photos, but maybe I can talk Mark into taking my photo on the new and improved kitchen floor while acting like Demi Moore rolling in cash in Indecent Proposal (but I won’t be naked, thankfully). Yes, I am that pleased with the stupid floors!

The other item I was waiting on — and just as exciting — was the dryer vent guy. He got up there and told us we had a massive bird’s nest and it had completely blocked off the exhaust. So, he cleaned everything up and I just finished my first load of laundry…and it only took ONE cycle through the dryer! Hot damn!

This has been a good day. A very good day.

Oh, and the twins had a good day too. (Not that they are an after thought in this post…okay, well, today they are.) Miss Jennifer said they were little angels all day. We we got home, Kate practiced her walking a lot. I can see her confidence building in the walking department.

My 500th Post!

This is my 500th blog post. Here are some fun facts about this little blog…

Top Posts of All-Time:

  1. November is Premature Awareness Month
  2. The Thing About Kate, Part 2 (high volume thanks to The Twinkies photo contest)
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  5. Holiday Letter 2007

Top Recipe (based on number of hits and views):

  1. Mahi-Mahi Fish with Asparagus & Rice

Top Searches (phrases people used in search engines that led them to my blog):

  1. babies born at 32 weeks
  2. orifice twins (makes you wonder, huh?)
  3. 8 weeks pregnant & miscarriage
  4. baseball bat bed
  5. twin pregnancy diabetes

Other Facts:

  • As of right now, the total number of people who have viewed the blog (repeat readers only counted once): 21,209.
  • Number of subscribers to the blog feed: 311
  • Search phrases I like least: “Mark, Shannon, Kate, Carson”…that is so stalkerish to me. It’s obviously someone who knows us, but doesn’t know our blog address. So I immediately think of all the people who I really don’t want reading our family blog.

My Favorite Posts (in no particular order):

Mini Updates

  • The twins have spent the past three days at Miss Jennifer’s so I can get everything ready for the bedroom furniture that is coming this Sunday. From all of her reports, they have been excellent.
  • Carson’s aggression and hitting has continued. I think he is frustrated. He has been making huge strides towards more independence (walking with Elmo car) and he has been so proud of himself lately that I think he just gets overwhelmed when he wants something and physically can’t get it. Of course, none of that is clinical, just some mommy observations.
  • I spent all of Tuesday painting our master bedroom (which is pretty large and has a sitting area). Then I decided that I absolutely hated the color I picked out. So, I spent all of Wednesday at a large home improvement store looking at more paint. I decided to go the “safe” route and picked something neutral. So then I spent all of Wednesday and Wednesday night (until 1:30 AM) painting on primer to cover the first paint color that I didn’t like. I have spent ALL of today painting on the new color, and it’s still only half done. My hands are throbbing, blisters are forming, and I am pretty sure I have permanently lost some brain cells from three days of breathing in fumes.
  • My mom is coming to spend this long holiday weekend with us, and will be arriving on Friday afternoon. I hope she can keep an eye on the twins while I do some much needed housework.
  • Summer has arrived in Austin, Texas. We’ve had three days of 100+ degree heat. Ugh. Springtime is getting shorter every year.


Weekend Update: Walking & Running

  • Last week was a rather rough week on me, so I ran away for the day. 🙂 Mark watched the twins for a full day and night, while I met up with my mom and Uncle Mike in San Antonio. We really didn’t do much except some shopping, but it was the first time I had been away like that (ever) and the longest Mark has had them alone. I think it was good for all of us.
  • Carson started walking with the assistance of his Elmo car! He has been so timid to try it, and then this afternoon we cheered him on as he finally did it on his own. Now he wants to do it all of the time! We got it on video, but I am having Internet issues and haven’t been able to upload any videos or photos for several days now. I will keep trying. It won’t be long before Carson is walking on his own. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so proud of himself.
  • I find it fascinating that with the hundreds of people who read my “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child?” post from last week, only Eva left a comment. Goes to show how taboo talking about discipline/spanking/etc has become.
  • We have new bedroom furniture being delivered a week from Tuesday! I am so excited because I have literally spent years trying to find something I like. So I will be busy painting and cleaning out our bedroom.

Mother’s Day in Houston

The twins and I had a nice Mother’s Day weekend with my mom. We went to a Chinese restaurant, and the twins (by way of my mom) gave me a beautiful amethyst bracelet (the twins’ birthstone). (They also gave their diabetic mom some sugar free chocolates and treats by way of Mark. Yum.) We finally got on the road home at 4:30. I will spare everyone the nightmarish details of the ride back, but it goes down in the record book as the worst car trip so far.

Today is all about moms. Mother’s Day has me thinking about my mom, my mom’s mom, and my own role as mom. I have been so very blessed to have my mom and my Granny (my second mom). Both of them have been such influential role models in my life, and are both remarkable women in completely different ways.

I hope I will have such a positive and loving impact on Kate and Carson. It helps that the “good mom” gene runs strong in my family. 🙂

Kate and Carson have been such a wonderful gift to me. Every day they amaze me in a new way. It’s cliche, but I love how I can look at each of them and see a little bit of me, a little bit of Mark, and then all of these little things that are distinctly just them.

I have been called many things in my life — wife, daughter, friend, etc — but nothing is as sweet as being called Mama.

Happy Mother’s Day to all…especially all of the new moms and twin mamas!

Here are my sweet angels fighting it out like two cats in a paper bag over a silly plastic egg!


I’m all over the place in this post…

  • Carson has been regressing in the sleep department. He has been our “good sleeper” for a few months now (and therfore Mark has enjoyed a return to sleeping through the night as well), but teething has put an end to all of that. Around 11 PM Carson will start his pittiful cries, and Mark goes up and cuddles him in the guest room.
  • Kate has decided that she would like the return of the middle-of-the-night bottle. So she is getting up around 10 PM and drinks 4 oz. I know it’s a bad habit that I am re-establishing, but it’s hard. I know that if I give her that bottle, she will sleep until 6:30 – 7 AM, and I value that.
  • I had a self-indulgent hour in a large bookstore this afternoon while the tots were at Miss Jennifer’s. It’s a bit absurd that I consider time in a bookstore self-indulgent, but frankly it’s the truth nowadays. As much as I complain about a total lack of “me time,” when I do get it I clean, do laundry, wash bottles, etc. instead of taking some decompression time. Anyway, I bought myself three books that I am going to force myself to actually read. Once upon a time, I enjoyed reading, but now I would rather turn my brain off and watch TV. Not good.
  • I bought Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos (I was suckered into the big store display), Wimp Nation: The High Cost of Invasive Parenting (a topic I’ve been interested in since before I actually became a parent), and a collection of essays by Virginia Woolf.
  • The hunger strike has given way to only wanting fruits or crackers. Perhaps it wasn’t a hunger strike after all, but a tag team of picky eaters.
  • Kate tried a tomato and loved it. Carson acted like I put acid in his mouth.
  • Most fought over item in our house….the cheap, plastic travel spoons. We’ve obviously spent way too much money on toys.
  • Summer is approaching, and I am feeling the urge to cut my hair off again.
  • My back is still sore and I am sick of feeling like an old lady.

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