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Carson: 17-Months Old

Weight: About 23-24 lbs. He is wearing Size 18 month clothes — sometimes I buy him 2T t-shirts. He is in Size 3-4 diapers and wears Size 4-5 shoes.

Feedings: He is a good eater. Carson gets 3 meals a day, plus 2 snacks. He drinks 8 oz of milk 4 times a day plus watered down juice and water. He loves bananas, Eggos, meat, pasta, green beans, and Goldfish. He has lost his love of cheese recently.

Favorites: Maggie! The boy absolutely adores our dog Maggie. He also loves playing with plastic spoons, throwing things (toys, books, clothes, food), bath time, toy stealing, wrestling with Kate (and me), jumping on the bean bag, exploring forbidden areas of the house, going outside, and getting into the kitchen trash can.

Least Favorites: Wearing shoes, having shampoo rinsed out of his hair, long car trips, blocked access to areas.

Issues: It has become very clear to us just how shy and uncomfortable he is in new places with new people. It took him hours to warm up at two recently family events. He just held on to Mark for dear life. Carson also continues to drop/throw food from his highchair.

Personality: Silly, happy, funny, and shy.

Areas to Work On: We would LOVE for him to stop waking up for the day before 6 AM! I’m not sure how we can work on that, but this morning he got up at 5:20 AM. On average, he wakes up at 6 AM. Ugh. We also need more practice wearing shoes.

New Things: Four new teeth coming in on top, drinking from a straw cup, and faster walking. He is also giving kisses on command and doing some other imitations.

Comparison: Carson is a early bird, Kate sleeps in much longer.

Randomness: He hasn’t been fighting with Kate very much this month. They are playing together a lot now.


Kate: 17-Months Old

Weight: I am guessing somewhere between 19-20 lbs. She wears Size 12 months clothes, Size 3 diapers, and Size 4-5 shoes. Kate is long and lean.

Feedings: Kate is very hot and cold on food. There are some days when she eats a lot, and other days that she hardly eats at all. She has a strong preference for Goldfish, crackers and Puffies which we now have to limit because if she had her way would be the only thing she would eat. In the past week or so, Kate has reverted back to wanting pureed baby food. We aren’t sure what to make of this. She still eats some table/finger food. She drinks about 8 oz of milk 4 times a day plus water and watered down juice.

Favorites: Shopping, bath time, laying/sitting on me, playing in my office, climbing the stairs and the couch, jumping on the bean bag, walking with the Elmo car, having lotion put on her legs, dancing, playing her little boom box toy that plays music for her, and her dolls.

Least Favorites: Watching me leave a room, sitting in the car for too long, not being able to go somewhere she wants to go.

Issues: Reverting back to baby food, getting up once a night for milk (this started 2 weeks ago), and a new clinginess on me.

Personality: Kate is a social butterfly. It doesn’t take her very long to warm up to new people and new environments. She likes to put on a show by dancing, “talking” and giving kisses. She is still a Mama’s Girl.

Areas to Work On: Sleeping through the night again, more practice walking, wearing shoes, and going back to table food.

New Things: She has gotten good at the sippy cup and especially likes the kind with a straw. Kate has discovered dancing and does it every chance she gets. She is walking between me and Mark, but still isn’t steady enough to go more than 3-4 steps…but she is getting better!

Comparison: Carson is painfully shy; Kate is not.

Randomness: Everyone at Miss Jennifer’s call her “Kate-Kate,” and now that is what she is calling herself…though it sounds like “Key-Key”

Kate’s 1st Steps!

Now we have two walkers!

I went into my home office to check my email. I had just sat down, and when I looked up from my desk I see Miss Kate walking down the hallway to the office! I couldn’t believe it. By the time I grabbed my camera, turned it on, took off the lens cap, she had already made it to the doorway. Ugh. So I missed her actual first steps on film, but this is just moments after.

I think she was motivated to walk just simply as a practical matter — she is sick of crawling and can hold things in her hands if she walks. I think Carson started walking simply for the applause and praise.

I can’t believe our baby girl is walking!

A Step Towards Civility

Since this has been a bit of a crappy week, I thought I would end it on a happy, positive note.

The twins hit another milestone today…eating with utensils! I think this is probably a bigger moment for me than it is for them. I’d like to think this will cut back (at least a little) on my nightly routine of scrubbing food off of the floor under their high chairs.

Last night, on a whim, I decided to let them try eating off of some plastic plates (seen above) instead of dumping everything on the tray. The twins once again amazed me with how different they are from each other. Carson went from compartment to compartment; eating everything in the compartment before moving on to the next one (all of the chicken first, then cheese, then green beans, then fruit). Kate, on the other hand, essentially played with her food and the plate for a good 30 minutes before finally eating (in random order). Carson finished every bite and left a perfectly clean high chair tray underneath this plate; not so for Miss Kate.

Since they did so well with the concept of the plate, I thought I would let them try to eat with sporks. They immediately picked them up and started eating with them! As if they had done it a hundred times before! (Of course, they’ve been using sporks as their primary teething item for some time now, so they understood that it goes in the mouth.)

This was another fine example of me underestimating them, and them showing me up. 🙂


Ahh, Carson is using his spork as something other than a weapon!


Attempting proper spork usage.

Pedi Wellness Appointment @ 16 Months

What a day it’s been. Mark was out-of-town on business yesterday and returned at 3 AM. Then I had to get the twins ready for their pedi appointment, and leave the house at 7 AM. So I am tired. I don’t sleep well when Mark is away, and I especially don’t sleep well when I get calls after midnight from Mark on the road.

We had a great appointment though. Our doc said that the twins look great, they are on track and he is pleased with their development. We haven’t seen him since their 12 month wellness visit and since then the twins have gotten teeth, have started walking, talking more, etc.

So here are the stats…

Kate…18 lbs, 13 oz (< 3%); 30″ (20%); 46.3 cm head circumference (55%)

Carson…23 lbs, 1 oz (23%); 31.25″ (45%); 49.5 cm head circumference (95%)

Obviously our bathroom scale is about 5 lbs off. No shots at this visit.

Kate talked the doc’s ear off. She pointed out his nose (and said “nose,” well it sounds more like “bose”), and chanted “bow” (i.e., “no”) when he tried to look in her ears. Speaking of Kate’s ears, he told me that it looks like one of her tubes may be coming out soon. Ugh! As her head grows (and it’s been growing a lot lately), the ear canal will straighten out naturally and that will push out the tubes. For what the tubes cost, I am not too happy that they are coming out way before winter (i.e., ear infection season). I hope they can last through winter or else we will have to do the surgery again.

Carson showed off his drunken baby walking — or at least that’s what I call it — for the doc and his staff. He loved having a crowd. His walking is getting slightly better as each day passes, but he is still as wobbly as a drunken college kid after a night of binge drinking. 🙂

We discussed Carson’s aggression and fighting, and he basically told me to back off and let the twins hash it out on their own. He suggested I only step in when situations become dangerous, otherwise let the kiddos handle their own business. I don’t want Kate to always think I will step in and solve all of her problems, and I don’t want Carson to resent me (or Kate for that matter) because he is always getting in trouble. I am going to give it a try, but it won’t be easy for me to sit back and let them beat the hell out of each other.

Per the doc’s suggestion, I am taking Kate in for some lab work on Friday. We are going to have her tested for food allergies. The doc wants me to start them on peanut butter (good for protein and will help fatten them up), but I don’t feel comfortable with that because of the hives that Kate had after trying eggs. So this test will let us know if we should avoid peanuts and other things too.

Carson: 16-Months Old

This photo cracks me up. This is wild-man Carson in the bath.

Weight: About 23 lbs. He is wearing size 18 months and occasionally size 2T! Carson wears Size 4 diapers and Size 4 shoes.

Feedings: Three meals a day plus an afternoon snack. He gets three milk bottles per day (8 oz per bottle) and water or juice in between milk bottles. He loves meat, cheese, breads, Goldfish, bananas, and green beans. He isn’t too wild on pastas or fruits (bananas being the exception).

Favorites: Elmo car, mischief making, toy stealing, petting the dogs, walking (and the cheering that comes with it), cuddling, being kissed, plastic spoons, bath time, and jumping on the sofa.

Least Favorites: Being told no, car trips, diaper changes, wearing shoes, and not being able to see me at all times.

Issues: Aggression towards Kate. Hitting, biting, and tantrums. Dropping food from his highchair (Kate does this too).

Personality: Carson is our funny man — he loves to laugh and to make Kate laugh. I have a growing concern about his fighting with Kate, but I’m not sure if it’s just part of this age and part of being a twin. He has conquered a lot of his timidness this past month.

Areas to Work On:Hitting and biting out of anger, keeping out of the kitchen cabinets, sippy cup, and eating veggies other than just green beans.

New Things: Walking, no longer afraid of crawling up the stairs, new tooth, swimming for the first time, and standing easily from a sitting position.

Comparison: Kate is more verbal right now, and Carson has better physical control/mobility right now.

Randomness:He is the best snuggler/cuddler in the world! Carson thrives on physical affection in all forms — hugs, kisses, cuddling, tickling, etc.


Kate: 16-Months Old

Technically she is 15 months old in this photo from last weekend in Houston, but she refused to let me take her photo today.

Weight: I’m guessing 19-20 lbs. She is wearing Size 12 months clothes, Size 3 diapers and Size 4 shoes.

Feedings: We recently figured out her hunger strike (too much milk), and so for the past week she has finally been eating like a champ again. She gets breakfast (but not too early), lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner. Kate gets three 8 oz bottles per day (first thing in the morning, before her mid-day nap & bedtime), and we give her water or watered down juice between her bottles. Her favorite foods include biscuits, fruit (except bananas), crackers and pasta (yes, there is a carbs pattern here).

Favorites: Lucy the bath duck, stuffed animals that she calls “baby,” getting on and off the sofa, packing and unpacking, being tickled, walking with the Elmo car, watching me prepare her bath, brushing her hair, talking, dropping items just because she likes to say “uh oh,” watching music performances on TV, Bunnytown, giving kisses, and many other things.

Least Favorites: Fighting off Carson, being told no, confinement in the car seat for too long, veggies, and having her diaper changed.

Issues: Nothing is coming to mind. She is sleeping through the night, takes good naps, eats well, and is rarely fussy.

Personality: Sweet girl, loves to laugh, loves kisses, at times demanding, impatient, can have her feelings easily hurt if you tell her no or get on to her.

Areas to Work On: Freakin’ sippy cup & more practice walking. Oh, and keeping out of the kitchen cabinets.

New Things: Standing unsupported, walking with Elmo car, pointing to facial parts on her dolls (“Where is baby’s nose?”), attempting to wash her own hair and body in the bath, dancing, an several new words.

Comparison: Kate is a lover; Carson is a fighter.

Randomness: Kate is now mimicking so many things that I do — rubbing her hands together when she sees me washing my hands, trying to shampoo her own hair as she watches me shampoo Carson’s hair, etc.



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