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More of Carson Walking & Dancing


Carson Walking with Elmo Car

Excuse the mess…we have toddlers. 🙂

Kiss Me Kate

Here is Miss Kate showing off her new trick at breakfast. My mom taught her this over the weekend.

Funny Little Fella

Today, while watching the UT football game on TV, Mark discovered that Carson cracks up when he says “No catch!” at the TV.

Oh, and excuse the mess in the background. I’ve been purging out crap this week. We seriously need to plan a garage sale soon!

Flop Fish Carson

This is how Carson is now getting around our living room!

Carson’s New Sounds

For the longest time, Carson was just grunting and hooting like an owl. Kate has been “talking” up a storm for months, and it seemed Carson couldn’t get in a word edgewise. Well, tonight we discovered he has learned to vocalize a bit more at day care…and at home.

Oh, and me saying, “Damnit, he spots it” is because we have to hide the camera from him or else he will freeze and become a deer in the headlights. For some reason when he sees the camera he gets stone faced so it’s a game to try to record him without him knowing it. 🙂

Kate in Bumbo Seat & Spitting Up

Kate tried out the Bumbo seat this afternoon, and she really liked it….more so than Carson I think. Carson — who is bigger and very top/head heavy — kept wanting to slump forward. I am going to work with them on sitting up more.

I need to get some video of Carson, but he tends to freeze like a deer in headlights when he sees the camera come out.

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