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Weekend in Dallas, Part 3



Again, the twins slept like rocks and woke up “late” (i.e., 7 AM) this morning.

Amanda had bought the twins their favorite breakfast — Eggos and bananas — and we had a somewhat leisurely morning. We quickly packed-up and headed over to Chalna’s house for a planned morning playdate.

This was the twins very first playdate, and I think they loved having a new house and toys to explore. For the most part, the three of them (Colin, Kate, and Carson) played separately, but it was fun seeing them all together. I was surprised that Colin (and any 1-year old for that matter) was so gracious having these unknown twins come into his domain to play with his stuff, but he didn’t mind a bit.

Colin has WAY cooler toys than the twins, and I need to get more age-appropriate toys for them soon. They still have rattles and other true baby toys still in their toy bin. I feel bad about it. No wonder they get bored.

While the kiddos played, us grown-ups (me, Mark, Chalna & Jeremy) got to visit. It was nice to be in a child-proof house and not have to worry about the twins finding something dangerous. I REALLY want Chalna, Jeremy and Colin to come down to Austin for a weekend soon. Jeremy (a non-Texan) has never been to Austin, and that’s just simply sinful. My secret fantasy is that they come down for a visit and Jeremy falls in love with Austin and decides he just can’t take Dallas anymore and he moves the family down here. HaHa…okay, not very likely, but I can still hope. 🙂

We got on the road at 11 AM, and the twins were sleeping in the car before we even got out of their neighborhood. Once again, they slept halfway home and then woke up unhappy. Kate — who had been a doll baby all weekend — was a bear on the ride home. I spent a good chunk of the time on sitting on my knees facing backwards in the front seat trying to do anything to keep her from fussing and cursing under my breath how badly I want a car with a built-in DVD player. The Wiggles or Bunnytown really would have come in handy for that final 150 miles.

The kiddos were thrilled to be back home. They were so happy, wild and hyper. They just had to inspect all of their toys, and they went room-to-room just looking round. Carson was especially glad to be home. He was practically bursting with joy and happiness.

What a great weekend. We must do it again soon!

 Kate helping herself to Colin’s wagon of toys.


Weekend in Dallas, Part 2


We hung out at my friend Amanda’s house for about 3 hours before heading out to Colin’s birthday party.

Amanda and I have been very good friends since our days as little hell raisers in junior high Catholic School. I wish I would have had more time to hang out with her, but it was a hectic weekend. I hope she didn’t feel like she was just ‘Hotel de Amanda.’ I keep begging her to come down to Austin, and I know she is coming in early November to go to a Kathy Griffin show with me.

Colin’s 1st birthday party was awesome. It was held at Colin’s grandmother’s beautiful house…that had a patio and view I would kill for! It was so nice. I must say that Chalna planned everything perfectly. Usually there is always a major mishap at kiddie parties, but not at this one. Every thing looked wonderful, everything tasted wonderful, and everyone had a good time.

And she timed it right. We made the mistake of having the twins’ 1st birthday party at 1 PM (i.e., nap time). So Kate slept through half of her own party, and then woke up a groggy head who wasn’t too pleased to wake up to find a bunch of people in her house taking her photo. Lesson learned. Colin’s party was at 4 PM…brilliant.

One of the highlights for me was getting to see Chalna’s mom. Her mom was my senior AP Honors English teacher in high school, and I absolutely loved her. She was the one and only teacher that truly made a lasting impact on my life. She was supportive, she encouraged my writing, she was a mentor. I’ve often thought of her through the years, and it was awesome getting to see her again.

Carson was…well…a bit of a nightmare at the party. He was painfully shy and held onto Mark for dear life. At times (when other people weren’t around), he warmed up a little and played with some of Colin’s gifts. In this regard, Kate and Carson are polar opposites. Kate was a social butterfly, and I’m not totally convinced that she understood the party wasn’t for her. The girl never meets a stranger.


The birthday boy, Colin, chowing down on his birthday cake.

 Mark and Kate at the party. I love this photo of them.

 When the birthday boy wasn’t looking, Kate took his cool new car out for a “spin.”

Kate & Carson checking out all of Colin’s new toys.

 The kiddie dining section. Kate, Hunter, and birthday boy Colin festing on some hot dog and chips. Carson was sitting on Mark’s lap and didn’t want to join the group.

Weekend in Dallas, Part 1


We took our time getting packed and loaded Friday morning for our big trip up to Dallas. Usually we are rushed and that leads to tension and silly little fights as a result of stress, so this time we just went at our own pace and it was much better. We tried to time it so we would leave right before the twins’ 11 AM nap time so they would hopefully sleep most of the ride up to Dallas. That worked until we hit Waco (about halfway through our drive) when we needed to stop for gas and lunch.

There is one thing that you absolutely cannot do to Carson — wake him when he is sleeping. There will be all kinds of hell to pay, and that’s exactly what we got. He fussed, cried, refused to sit in the high-chair at the restaurant in Waco. He made a scene and Mark could barely eat his lunch. This entire weekend Carson only wanted Mark. Not me. He would fuss and toss around as if I were a stranger if I tried to hold him.

So, we weren’t off to a good start with Mr. Carson, and I can’t really say it improved after that.

We finally made it to Dallas, and checked into a hotel near his mom’s house. We had decided not to stay with at his mom’s house because (a) it’s a full house anyway, and (b) we thought the twins would do better with just us at night. We we rested, showered, and just decompressed after the long drive while waiting for his mom to get off from work. Once again, it was nice not to be rushed. We had time to get the Pack-n-Plays set up and the twins also had a chance to relax in the new environment before being whisked off again.

We had a great time at Mark’s mom’s house. We got to see his mom, his nephew Dakota, his sister (briefly), his brother-in-law (briefly), his niece, and his great-niece. I loved watching the twins interact with Dorothy (Mark’s mom). Kate immediately went to her (and everyone for that matter), and put on a cute show of laughing, dancing, and talking. Dorothy made us dinner, and we enjoyed just being able to visit with everyone.

The kiddos crashed in the car on the way back to the hotel, and slept until 7 AM the next day. (These are the kids that usually grace us with their presence at 5:30 AM, so this was a treat for us.) We headed back over to Mark’s mom’s house early in the morning for breakfast and more time together. We left around noon and drove across the metroplex to my friend Amanda’s house.

Mark, Carson, Dorothy & Kate

Kate with her cousin Dakota clapping and yelling “yay!” She loves to cheer!

 Cousin Dakota (14 yrs old), Kate and Mr. Fuss Pot Carson. Dakota was our ring bearer at our wedding. I can’t believe how fast he has grown-up!

Kate with her grandma (“Madame”) Dorothy. I think they have the same shaped eyes.


Our little family…hot, sweaty…at Jil & Patrick’s house. I can’t remember the last time I sweated that much, and I hate sweat! I had pretty jewelry (beaded necklace and bracelet) on when we got there, but then Mr. Carson got a hold of it! Destroyed! He is the jewelry killer.

  • Yes, we are still alive. I just needed a little break.
  • I found out Saturday morning that my insurance will not cover any portion of any kind of weight loss surgery. So, that led to crying most of Saturday. Then I went to my “diabetes doc” on Monday morning and insisted I be put back on insulin. My numbers have been so out-of-control — like scary high — and I just don’t feel good. I don’t mind taking insulin. The injections don’t hurt at all, and I like the control I have over it. So he started me on Lantis to take only at bedtime, and there has been no change in my morning numbers. So I will be calling again because I want to be aggressive in getting my glucose numbers back to normal.
  • The twins have discovered the piano. I inherited this antique (well, almost antique…it’s close to about 70 years old) piano from my paternal grandmother and I absolutely love it even though my piano playing only consists of chop sticks and “Amazing Grace.” The twins have figured out how to lift the wood part that covers the keys (wow…that’s really technical sounding, eh?). They stand on their tip toes and “play.” It’s really cute for about the first minute of listening to these two “play” the piano, but then after that it’s time for some aspirin.
  • We are getting ready for our trip up to Dallas tomorrow. I am excited to go, but feel overwhelmed with the packing and planning. I suck at packing anyway, and I just know I will forget something major.
  • We had a great time last Sunday when we took the kiddos out to my cousin Jil’s house. They built a beautiful home out in the country, and we are the only family members who haven’t been out to see it. It is stunningly beautiful! I am so jealous. 🙂 So we grilled some burgers and hung out with Jil, her husband Patrick, and my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Gil (Jil’s parents). We were celebrating the news that Jil (have some serious struggle) is expecting! She is due the week after the twins’ 2nd birthday. We are all so excited for her and Patrick, and I gave her all of my pregnancy and baby books. Here are some photos from our visit…I should mention that it was 103 degrees outside and full humidity!

My cousin Jil with the twins. Carson was VERY shy and only wanted Mark (as you can see from the photo).


 Jil and my Aunt Cindy painted Miss Kate’s toes for the first time. She loved it!

My Aunt Cindy and Miss Kate. Check out how pink Kate’s cheeks were in that heat! She is holding a wash cloth that I gave her to cool off with.

Carson: 17-Months Old

Weight: About 23-24 lbs. He is wearing Size 18 month clothes — sometimes I buy him 2T t-shirts. He is in Size 3-4 diapers and wears Size 4-5 shoes.

Feedings: He is a good eater. Carson gets 3 meals a day, plus 2 snacks. He drinks 8 oz of milk 4 times a day plus watered down juice and water. He loves bananas, Eggos, meat, pasta, green beans, and Goldfish. He has lost his love of cheese recently.

Favorites: Maggie! The boy absolutely adores our dog Maggie. He also loves playing with plastic spoons, throwing things (toys, books, clothes, food), bath time, toy stealing, wrestling with Kate (and me), jumping on the bean bag, exploring forbidden areas of the house, going outside, and getting into the kitchen trash can.

Least Favorites: Wearing shoes, having shampoo rinsed out of his hair, long car trips, blocked access to areas.

Issues: It has become very clear to us just how shy and uncomfortable he is in new places with new people. It took him hours to warm up at two recently family events. He just held on to Mark for dear life. Carson also continues to drop/throw food from his highchair.

Personality: Silly, happy, funny, and shy.

Areas to Work On: We would LOVE for him to stop waking up for the day before 6 AM! I’m not sure how we can work on that, but this morning he got up at 5:20 AM. On average, he wakes up at 6 AM. Ugh. We also need more practice wearing shoes.

New Things: Four new teeth coming in on top, drinking from a straw cup, and faster walking. He is also giving kisses on command and doing some other imitations.

Comparison: Carson is a early bird, Kate sleeps in much longer.

Randomness: He hasn’t been fighting with Kate very much this month. They are playing together a lot now.

Kate: 17-Months Old

Weight: I am guessing somewhere between 19-20 lbs. She wears Size 12 months clothes, Size 3 diapers, and Size 4-5 shoes. Kate is long and lean.

Feedings: Kate is very hot and cold on food. There are some days when she eats a lot, and other days that she hardly eats at all. She has a strong preference for Goldfish, crackers and Puffies which we now have to limit because if she had her way would be the only thing she would eat. In the past week or so, Kate has reverted back to wanting pureed baby food. We aren’t sure what to make of this. She still eats some table/finger food. She drinks about 8 oz of milk 4 times a day plus water and watered down juice.

Favorites: Shopping, bath time, laying/sitting on me, playing in my office, climbing the stairs and the couch, jumping on the bean bag, walking with the Elmo car, having lotion put on her legs, dancing, playing her little boom box toy that plays music for her, and her dolls.

Least Favorites: Watching me leave a room, sitting in the car for too long, not being able to go somewhere she wants to go.

Issues: Reverting back to baby food, getting up once a night for milk (this started 2 weeks ago), and a new clinginess on me.

Personality: Kate is a social butterfly. It doesn’t take her very long to warm up to new people and new environments. She likes to put on a show by dancing, “talking” and giving kisses. She is still a Mama’s Girl.

Areas to Work On: Sleeping through the night again, more practice walking, wearing shoes, and going back to table food.

New Things: She has gotten good at the sippy cup and especially likes the kind with a straw. Kate has discovered dancing and does it every chance she gets. She is walking between me and Mark, but still isn’t steady enough to go more than 3-4 steps…but she is getting better!

Comparison: Carson is painfully shy; Kate is not.

Randomness: Everyone at Miss Jennifer’s call her “Kate-Kate,” and now that is what she is calling herself…though it sounds like “Key-Key”

Kate’s 1st Steps!

Now we have two walkers!

I went into my home office to check my email. I had just sat down, and when I looked up from my desk I see Miss Kate walking down the hallway to the office! I couldn’t believe it. By the time I grabbed my camera, turned it on, took off the lens cap, she had already made it to the doorway. Ugh. So I missed her actual first steps on film, but this is just moments after.

I think she was motivated to walk just simply as a practical matter — she is sick of crawling and can hold things in her hands if she walks. I think Carson started walking simply for the applause and praise.

I can’t believe our baby girl is walking!

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