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Visiting Cousins

We got an extra special treat this morning when my Aunt Cindy and cousin Jil brought my cousin Cody’s kids over to see the twins before nap time. I don’t think we’ve seen them since Christmas, and it’s hard to believe how much older and bigger they are now.

Cousin Brylee (almost 3 years old) and Kate.

The girls had a fun time together.

Ahh, the joys of trying to get four kids to sit for a photo! That’s cousin Brayden on the right. He is Brylee’s big brother.


Brylee and Brayden are in town visit their grandparents (my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Gil) for the whole week, so we might get the kiddos together later in the week to go swimming.

Once again, Mr. Carson was freaked out with new people around. He clung on to me, and he ended up going down for his nap 20 minutes early. Is there anything I can do for him?


Christmas Eve Eve

Carson and his cousin Bailey. Is it just me or is his hair getting lighter?

This afternoon we went over to Uncle Gil and Aunt Cindy’s house for our big family pre-Christmas gathering. It was also cousin Brayden’s 4th birthday. When all of us get together it’s always fun, and today was no exception.

I’m exhausted and still trying to get over this cold — that has now traveled south to my lungs. Ugh. — so here are some photos and I am off to bed.

My cousin’s twins Wesley & Walker (15 months), cousin Bailey & Carson. Kate napped during most of the photo taking today.

When she was awake, she was in a great mood. Here she is with Uncle Gil and my mom.

Carson trying to get Mark’s beer.



Four Generations. My mom, Kate, Papa, Me, & Carson taken Easter 2007. This was the first time Papa met the twins.

My family and I have had a tough 24-hours.

My beloved Papa (maternal grandfather) is in the ICU in a San Antonio Hospital after an emergency triple bypass on his heart. All four heart arteries were over 90% blocked and he was going in yesterday morning to have angioplasty done. My Uncle Mike was with him, and while Papa was getting admitted into the hospital he had a massive heart attack. They are calling it an “electrical disturbance,” but technically he flat-lined and died twice! They had to use the paddles on him, and they said that if this had happened anywhere other than the best heart hospital in town it would have been instant death.

My Papa has been struggling since we lost Granny — his bride of 59 years — last year. It has been a rapid decline. We are afraid he is grieving himself to death.

After I got the call from my mom yesterday morning, I dropped everything and rushed to San Antonio (about 100 miles away). Mark picked up the twins from Miss Jennifer’s and had them alone overnight while I stayed at the hospital with my family.

I was there when Last Rites were given to Papa, and we are all surprised he made it off the table to be honest. I came home at noon today, and I am getting frequent updates from my mom.

Papa has always been my superman, my hero. I had a complicated relationship with my own father, but there was nothing complicated about my relationship with my Papa…just unconditional love and support. He was the only positive father figure I had in my life, and I can’t imagine my world without him.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

A Weekend in Photos

My wonderful mom came to visit for the weekend. She said she was needing her “twin fix.”  I don’t think she has gone more than 2 weeks since their birth without seeing them!

We did a lot of shopping.


Which is surprisingly easy if you time it right. Even though I am getting more comfortable taking the twins out in public alone, I am still not very comfortable with the stares that often come with a double stroller.

We’ve decided that the twins don’t have a cold, but rather allergies. Austin allergies are extremely common and their stuffiness has been going on for 3 weeks now. They don’t have any other signs of a cold other than nasal congestion. Ragweed and mold counts have been high this month, and I’m allergic to mold as well. Nasty, nasty stuff!

We’ve all done a fair amount of napping and snoozing (including a 3 hour nap this afternoon!) this month thanks to the allergy attack.

I think I’ve mentioned this, but Miss Kate is constantly singing now. I am hell bent on capturing it on video, but that is tricky. She did treat my mom to a few “songs” though. We all clap and yell Bravo and Encore afterwards. 🙂 When she sings, she tilts her head back, raises her eyes up, and lifts one or both arms (like an opera singer) and belts it out! Most of the time it really sounds beautiful, but occasionally it sounds a bit like a cat trapped in a cage.

Oh, and I bought the twins their first pairs of shoes this weekend!

Miss Kate immediately loved them! She is a girly girl in training for sure!

Don’t they look huge on her!? They are a size 1 (0-3 months). I guess now everyone will stop with the remarks about how big her feet are.

Carson did not like the shoes. It’s not that surprising since he hates anything touching his legs or feet…including blankets, socks or pants!


Now the weekend is over. 😦 Mom went back to Houston. Time to bathe two babies and get ready for the new week.

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