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Ugh. What a day. I had yet another yucky day with Carson. I know a good chunk of this is teething, but his hitting/biting/kicking is truly getting out of control. Today’s highlights include, but are not limited to:

  1. Carson dumping out his box of crayons and throwing them like missiles at me…doing his angry scream while throwing. [Positive: It looks like my baseball blood has been passed down to him. He has a helluva arm!]
  2. He (apparently) intentionally hurt our dog Schatzie. When she cried in pain, he yanked her hair harder.
  3. He bit my knee cap (yes, my freakin’ knee cap!) because I wouldn’t pick him up at that very moment (I was washing dishes).
  4. He got mad at Kate and attacked the first object he could get his hands on. Unfortunately, it was the floor lamp in the living room that my mom gave us (sorry Mom!).
  5. And, finally, during a tantrum, he scooted his body into position to hit me in the face with the heel of his foot. I am very surprised that I don’t have a black eye from that because it hurt like hell.

And this was my day. It was so bad at time that I had to put myself in Time Out for a few minutes. I went into our bedroom, shut the door, and looked at the ceiling for about 3 minutes until I was no longer upset. When moms put themselves in Time Out, that’s a very bad day.

The excuse of teething only goes so far. I gave him Tylenol and that did not phase him a bit. Miss Jennifer told me yesterday that he was a perfect angel for her all day. What could be going on with him? It’s all directed at me, and I have no clue as to why.

The only times of the day that he was truly happy and content were when I was walking around carrying him. If I sat down, he would throw a fit. If I even walked near the bean bag (where we usually put them for bottles or when we are done holding them), he would whine. There is only so much that I can walk around with a 24 lbs tot on my hip especially since I have another little tot who needs me to.

So, I am a bit crabby tonight. Mark is on a business trip, and I have my fingers crossed that they kiddos sleep through the night and don’t want to get up at 5 AM.

To end on a happier note, here are some photos from today…

Here is Carson with his new lawn mower. I bought them 3 new toys yesterday (after seeing what Colin had in Dallas), and this was one of them. Look at that sour-puss look on his face. That look is the “I hate the camera” expression. Despite that look, he loves the lawn mower. He walked all over the house for the longest time with the new mower.


I am done with the sippy cup battle. For months and months, I have tried to get them into sippy cups. It’s never really worked well. So we found an alternative…cups with straws! They LOVE drinking from straws and they work and travel just as well has traditional sippy cups.

Carson at lunch time. On the menu today…green beans, slice of cheese, hot dog weiner, and ice water. (They only drink water if it’s icy cold. I’m the same way.)



I received an email from a fellow blogger asking about our food regiment with the twins, so I thought I would also post on it.

It’s pretty basic:

Breakfast: Fruit mixed with barley cereal

Lunch: Veggies

Dinner: Meat & Veggie Combo

A typical day in our house looks something like this…the twins are up for the day by 6:30 AM. Neither of them want a bottle right away, but they are expressing their desire for breakfast within about 30 minutes of getting up. The thicker the breakfast, the better. I use barley cereal because our pedi says it does not cause constipation. They love all fruits, but Carson is allergic to apricots (rash) and I refuse to give them strawberries (high risk of food allergies). Pears are their absolute favorite fruit, but the are also wild for pineapple, banana, peaches, apples, and blueberries.

About 30 minutes after breakfast, they both want their first bottle of the day. We call it the “wash down” — so they can wash down breakfast. Carson takes 8 oz, and Kate takes 6 oz.

Lunch is usually around 11:30 AM. They always get veggies at lunch — Sweet potatoes, corn, garden veggies, green beans, etc. Neither of them seem to care for peas. They act like they are choking on it (they gag), but they like peas mixed with other stuff. The undisputed veggie favorite of both twins is carrots. I really need to capture how excited they get over carrots on video one day. Carrots tend to be rather runny, so I often mixed it with a little cereal or — brace yourself, this is gross — mac and cheese. Carrots mixed with mac and cheese literally drives them into a feeding frenzy. 🙂

After lunch, they get another big bottle and are put down for their (hopefully) long afternoon nap.

When they get up, they get 4 oz of PediLite as a snack. This has also been helping with our long-fought constipation battle. Kate likes PediLite more than Carson, but he will still slowly drink it.

Dinner is 5:30 PM, and it’s a meat and veggie combo — chicken & broccoli, turkey & wild rice (okay rice isn’t a veggie, but anyway), spaghetti, chicken & spinach, etc. They have really gotten into broccoli and spinach lately, but it’s hard to find those in the store.

Kate has struggled with eating solids since August, but I think that has changed just this week. It’s like a light went off in her head. Lately she has been out-eating Carson, and not pushing the food out at all.

On some days (and they are increasing), the twins are wanting a late afternoon snack. So I’ve been giving them either applesauce or mashed up bananas. The bananas have been a good way to start introducing them to more “real” food. We also let them try a few items from our own plates — like mashed potatoes, carrots & gravy, and even queso (once)! 🙂

Carson likes to put his hand on mine and help me guide the spoon into his mouth. I am taking this as a cue that he wants some more independence in the feeding department, so I am starting to put some food on his highchair tray to see if he will feed himself. So far, he has never picked anything up and put it in his mouth. I am not sure if I am approaching this right. I’m not sure how to introduce finger foods.

For the past month I have also been working with them on using a sippy cup. So far, we have not been successful. Surprisingly, they do better drinking water straight from my glass than they do with the sippy cups.

Feeding the twins is one of the highlights of my day. It hasn’t been too terribly messy either — well, if I can keep their hands out of their mouths while eating. 🙂

Sadly, the twins eat better and healthier than we do, but that could be a whole other post.

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