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I was going to write a long, deep retrospective on my 20s, but who has time for that!? So here are two photos taken today. 

I had a good 30th birthday. I had some family and friends stop by…which was extra nice because they did most of the baby maintenance for the day. Then Mark and I went out for a very nice seafood dinner. We had planned to go see some stand-up comedy (one of our favorite things to do in our former life), but we were both just so exhausted after dinner that we blew it off and went home instead (further evidence that I’m getting old).


Post-Partum Appointment & A Crying Carson

I had my post-partum OB appointment this morning. All is well. My blood pressure is still high (damn pre-eclampsia…it’s still hanging on!). I will have it checked in a month and if there is no major improvement he will put me on blood pressure meds and send me to a cardiologist. Wonderful. That’s all I need…another specialist!

We have had a rough day with Carson. He is developing a pattern of crying his butt off until I put him on my chest. This is concerning to me because years ago my mother-in-law told me my husband only wanted to sleep on her chest/stomach when he was a baby. I know Carson’s had some gas issues lately, and perhaps laying on his tummy helps…or…could this behavior/preference actually be genetic? What’s really odd is he can be in full-blown cry mode and the second his cheek hits my chest he is out like a light. I don’t know what to do with this.

Colic or Not Colic?

My mom is back in town, and the time apart was good. The babies are doing great and I actually managed to get in 3 hours of sleep last night. Carson did not have a “colic episode” last night, so now I am wondering if it was colic at all. Perhaps he just had an upset tummy for three nights in a row. Who knows.

We are having a get-together at our house this Saturday (my 30th birthday). It will be fun to show off the twins and see everyone. I wish our pool was warm enough to swim in, but that probably won’t happen until late May.

What a Difference Sleep Can Make!

Today has been a better day (so far). This is mainly due to the fact that (a) Mark did night duty and I got 7 hours of consecutive sleep, (b) I finally heard back from the UT School of Nursing and I am getting good feedback on the nanny hunt, and (c) Mark’s massive case just settled today!

Kate has been cluster-feeding like crazy today. The pedi said this might happen, and it definitely happened today! She is only eating an ounce or so and doing it every hour to hour and a half. Good grief! I hope this doesn’t last long.

Random thoughts…you can never have too many bibs. Also, I heard back from a local nanny service and they charge $225 per night for a night nanny plus a 10% agency fee and taxes! I find it hard to believe that a nanny working 5 hours per night 5 days a week can make over $60,000 per year. So, I’m back hunting at UT School of Nursing.

I Love Baby Feet!

Kate & her piggies. Photos by Abby Glenn.



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