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Carson: 1-Year Old


Weight: I am guessing about 21 lbs. I am going to try to take them into the pedi for a weigh-in on Friday. He is wearing size 18 month clothes (and some of those are a little snug), and Size 3 shoes. Carson is still in the Size 3 Pampers Cruisers diapers.

Feedings: Carson is still drinking 8 oz of Enfamil Next Step formula. I also give him one 4 oz juice-yogurt bottle a day as a special snack. I have been mixing a few of his bottles with cow’s milk and normal formula in an attempt to transition him onto cow’s milk. I have introduced a lot more table food into his diet, and he is doing much better with the texture than he was just a month ago. He is still getting fruit and sometimes cereal or oatmeal at breakfast, veggies and meat at lunch, an afternoon snack, and meat and veggies dinner.

Favorites: Carson’s favorite thing in the world right now is climbing on me! If I just sit or lay on the floor, that can keep him entertained for hours. He also enjoys dumping his toy blocks in and out of it’s container, and watching his morning cartoons.

Least Favorites: Being in his exersaucer for an extended period of time (i.e., more than 30 minutes). He is still crying hard when I leave him at Miss Jennifer’s which is hard on me.

Issues: I don’t think he has any issues right now other than the meal time battles.

Personality: He is still as wild as ever, but I think he is also entering another “mommy phase” again. He has been extra clingy on me and Mark lately, and that might have something to do with teething. Carson is so sweet with strangers or family he doesn’t see often. He will go to anyone and will smile and “talk” to them. He has been battling Kate more and more often over toys, and he is often the toy stealer. Whatever she is playing with, he will go snatch it from her.

Areas to Work On: Carson still needs to practice more on the sippy cup. He also needs to improve on eating. He has been fighting us at almost every meal now because he only wants to eat crackers.

New Things: Crawling at greater speed, pulling up to a standing position, being able to sit unsupported when crawling, using the size 4 nipples on his bottles, he finally has his two front bottom teeth coming in, sleeping through the night on most nights, and eating more table food.

Comparison: Carson is clingy on me during the day; Kate is clingy on me at night.

Randomness: He giggles during diaper changes — especially poopy ones.


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