Ugh. What a day. I had yet another yucky day with Carson. I know a good chunk of this is teething, but his hitting/biting/kicking is truly getting out of control. Today’s highlights include, but are not limited to:

  1. Carson dumping out his box of crayons and throwing them like missiles at me…doing his angry scream while throwing. [Positive: It looks like my baseball blood has been passed down to him. He has a helluva arm!]
  2. He (apparently) intentionally hurt our dog Schatzie. When she cried in pain, he yanked her hair harder.
  3. He bit my knee cap (yes, my freakin’ knee cap!) because I wouldn’t pick him up at that very moment (I was washing dishes).
  4. He got mad at Kate and attacked the first object he could get his hands on. Unfortunately, it was the floor lamp in the living room that my mom gave us (sorry Mom!).
  5. And, finally, during a tantrum, he scooted his body into position to hit me in the face with the heel of his foot. I am very surprised that I don’t have a black eye from that because it hurt like hell.

And this was my day. It was so bad at time that I had to put myself in Time Out for a few minutes. I went into our bedroom, shut the door, and looked at the ceiling for about 3 minutes until I was no longer upset. When moms put themselves in Time Out, that’s a very bad day.

The excuse of teething only goes so far. I gave him Tylenol and that did not phase him a bit. Miss Jennifer told me yesterday that he was a perfect angel for her all day. What could be going on with him? It’s all directed at me, and I have no clue as to why.

The only times of the day that he was truly happy and content were when I was walking around carrying him. If I sat down, he would throw a fit. If I even walked near the bean bag (where we usually put them for bottles or when we are done holding them), he would whine. There is only so much that I can walk around with a 24 lbs tot on my hip especially since I have another little tot who needs me to.

So, I am a bit crabby tonight. Mark is on a business trip, and I have my fingers crossed that they kiddos sleep through the night and don’t want to get up at 5 AM.

To end on a happier note, here are some photos from today…

Here is Carson with his new lawn mower. I bought them 3 new toys yesterday (after seeing what Colin had in Dallas), and this was one of them. Look at that sour-puss look on his face. That look is the “I hate the camera” expression. Despite that look, he loves the lawn mower. He walked all over the house for the longest time with the new mower.


I am done with the sippy cup battle. For months and months, I have tried to get them into sippy cups. It’s never really worked well. So we found an alternative…cups with straws! They LOVE drinking from straws and they work and travel just as well has traditional sippy cups.

Carson at lunch time. On the menu today…green beans, slice of cheese, hot dog weiner, and ice water. (They only drink water if it’s icy cold. I’m the same way.)


4 Responses to “Crabby”

  1. 1 Katriina July 24, 2008 at 7:06 am

    My son only drinks with straws too 🙂

    He has been known to throw the occasional tantrum. My sone likes to hit his head on things when he is mad. When asking our pediatrician about his tantrums she said to put him somewhere he cant hurt himself or anyone else, and then ignore him. He is trying to get our attention and the more we try to calm or stop him just revs him up more. Have you thought about putting him in his crib or playpen for a time out?

  2. 2 Sandi July 24, 2008 at 2:38 pm

    Nathan has been super clingy too. I put him on my back in the Ergo and that way he is close, he stops trying to hit and I can still do stuff like fold laundry, make lunch or play with Natasha. Is wearing Carson an option with your back? I like the Ergo because it distributes the weight, my chiropractor recommended it to me.

  3. 3 Chalna July 24, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    Sandi…if you see this, how big is your son? I looked at the Ergo website and they seem great, but I am wondering if Colin and I would really be comfortable in that position with him being 24 lbs and me being only 5’3. I have spent so much money on carriers that were not comfortable…email me at chalna@hotmail if you get a chance so I can bug you about it! Sorry to butt in, Shannon! 🙂

  4. 4 Sandi July 27, 2008 at 11:05 am

    Chalna, I emailed you. I hope you got it 🙂

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