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Carson’s Impression of a Traffic Cone

One of the nice NICU volunteers found out that we are UT fans. So she knitted two burnt orange and white knit hats for the twins. Side Effect: He looks like a traffic cone. 

Oh, and sorry for all of the up-shots. His little nose really isn’t that big, but they have his bed angled in such a way that I always photograph right up his nose!


Kate has a Cyst, Carson’s in Clothes

The twins are doing well. Kate has a cyst type thing on her right forearm. They think it’s where her last IV location was at, but that was well over a week ago. It’s about the size of a pea, but on her tiny arm that’s huge. They started her on antibiotics last night, even though she isn’t showing any signs of infection. We are worried about her.Carson is still chugging away…fat and happy. ) He is getting to wear clothes now that he can maintain his own body temp. His IV is finally out, and we are all happy about that. With less wires and more clothes on, he actually looks like a cute, content little baby. The only thing holding him back from coming home is his indifference towards bottle feeding. Sometimes he does great with it, and other times he shows no interest.

Kate is eating 30 ml per feeding(30 ml = 1 oz), and Carson is up to 35ml per feeding. Kate is on a special high-calorie formula mixed with breast milk.

My mom is coming into town on Friday to visit. I think she will be surprised at how much they have improved in the past two weeks.

Adjusting to Not Being Pregnant Anymore

It’s so strange not being pregnant anymore. In most ways it’s wonderful! My belly (for the most part) is gone. Yesterday I actually put on a pair of pre-pregnant panties and they fit…well, they were a little tight, but they almost fit! I don’t need to go to the bathroom every hour. I can almost sleep on my stomach, and laying on my back doesn’t hurt or cut off circulation. I can see my feet! All of my swelling is gone. I have much more physical energy and can do things around the house again. The list could go on and on. One thing I am surprised that I miss is my team of docs. After having my incision checked at the OB’s, there is a feeling of ‘Okay, well have a nice life’ in the air. After months of weekly or bi-weekly appointments, I started to feel like I knew these people — their kids names, their own pregnancy experiences, where they went to school, etc. It’s just odd to look at my calendar and not see doc appointments on there, and to know I won’t be going back until my next annual Pap exam in a year. I actually kinda-sorta-just-a-little-bit miss my OB and his staff. Very odd. 

Saturday’s Photos


Not much to report. The babies are doing great. Both have mastered the art of bottle feedings. They are still doing some tube feedings (to conserve calories & energy), but they are taking more than 20 cc in the bottle per feeding.

My long time friend Amanda — the one I went to DC with — was in town for business and came up to see the twins.

It’s a beautiful day here in Austin. It feels like spring finally. I am trying to wake Mark from his nap to go look at more professional cameras. I am using the birth of the twins are an excuse to buy the camera I’ve always wanted. )

Our 1st Family Photo

Adventures in Bottle Feeding Begins

At my incision appointment, I discovered that I have a very slight infection. So I am now cleaning the wound with some special solution, and will have it looked at again next Tuesday. No biggie. They all commented on how good I look now. I’ve lost 32 lbs in 9 days, and I really do feel back to normal.

Kate drank 4 cc from a nippled bottle today! Big milestone. She was able to suck, swallow and breath. This is a big test, and she passed with flying colors. It exhausted her, but she mastered it. She will continue with tube feeding, but I will be bottle feeding her more and more everyday. She will need to be able to suck down 40 cc in order to go home. Afterwards, I kangarooed her. Sweet baby. )

I also kangarooed Carson. The entire time I held him he farted up a storm! This is a great thing since it was a massive build up of gas on his tummy that caused all the problems yesterday. He is so cute. He slept, smiled and farted the whole time. )

I feel good today.

Carson = Gassy

We had another rocky day with Carson in the NICU. We got a call at the crack of dawn this morning that he had thrown up bile overnight, so he would be having some tests and x-rays done. So we rushed up there. To make a long story short, we still aren’t completely sure what’s wrong with him and they will continue to closely monitor him, but he may just have severe gas. His tummy is slightly bloated looking, his blood work came back perfect, and it looked like gas on the x-rays. He won’t be eating for a few days…they want to make sure it’s not an infection in the intestines.

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